First two Grave Guard complete

I finally finished the first two Grave Guard.  I have been working on another, secret project that kept me away from painting my Undead.

One reason I am very happy with these two warriors is because they rank up successfully!  Seems rare for anything I build, unfortunately.  I also incorporated both grey and purple as subtle spot colors to further help set the Grave Guard apart from the regular skeleton warriors.

4 responses to “First two Grave Guard complete

  1. They look awesome, like the way they rank up too, wish I did that with mine, yours look like they are ready to charge into combat hee hee. I’m currently working on my Grave Guard too, hopefully be all finished this week ;)

    • Thanks! While these two rank up, most of the others do not…I am going to have to figure something out for that. Look forward to seeing yours.

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