Sons of Guilliman

Color Scheme

So after getting Assault on Black Reach, and finding a nice gaming club nearby, it has become pressing for me to not only continue on painting the Guard when I can find the time but also to re-do my Space Marines. Here is a sneak peak on the color scheme/chapter I will be fixing them up as:

Incoming Space Marines

Incoming Space Marines

New Models Added to the Old…

a few weeks ago I built the Space Marines from the Assault on Black Reach set, and Aaron built the Orks from it; I just forgot to post some pictures.  There’s still plenty to be done – most notably basing and painting – but here are some shots.


On the Marines side of things, I acquired a large number of Scouts, including two Sergeant Naaman models.  I never really liked the original pose of Naaman, so on the first I cut the sword and repositioned it so the teeth were down (instead of behind); on the second I gave him a plasma pistol and put the sword in his other hand.  I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

convertednaamans allscouts


Old Space Marine Pictures I never Posted

I recently found some of the first pictures of the first Space Marines I ever painted, way back in middle school.  These Marines (and Dark Eldar) mostly came from the 40k Third Edition boxed set.

These were the Volunteer Chapter Space Marines, and featured that name and the color scheme because I was very loyal to the University of Tennessee.  More recently, I was planning to use these Marines as core of the Sons of Guilliman project; however, when we moved and I went abroad for a year, I vastly decreased my models collection, giving all my Space Marines (among other models) to my friend Stephen.  I hope they get some good use out there.

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