Finished Painting Isabella von Carstein

I painted this model not for my growing Undead army, but for fun and a chance to do something different.  This was the first time I painted a female character model.  I did not want to have the model appear vampiric or undead, so I focused on more of a steam-punk/victorian look.  This is the Isabella von Carstein model in Finecast – my first Finecast model – and since painting I have managed to bend her sword back to a more appropriate straightness.

The pictures were taken without sunlight (for the first five) and with sunlight (for the last four), so I hope the mix of lighting schemes gives a clear enough picture of the finished model’s appearance.

3 responses to “Finished Painting Isabella von Carstein

  1. I’m currently working on my Isabella as we speak, such a fantastic model to paint :) I really like the steam punk look that you have come up with, it really suits this model. Keep up the awesome work ;)

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, too!

      I should have some Grave Guard to post soon enough. I’ve been working on an unrelated, secret project lately, though…

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