Thank you GW Dublin

I have arrived back in the US, without getting the chance to say farewell to the guys at the GW store in Dublin.  So thank you for the assistance!

I think I might have set a new record for myself this summer.  I built, painted and sealed 44 models and built and primed another 2.

First, I started with a plastic Wight King, followed by some Skeleton Warriors (here and here).  Next I painted a Finecast Wight King Battle Standard Bearer, and then Isabella von Carstein.  Then, after quite a lot of work, I finished ten Grave Guard (here and here).  For Aaron’s birthday I painted ten Gretchin and a Runtherder in his Blood Axe scheme.  Finally, I finished ten more Skeleton Warriors, this time using a variety of Grave Guard bits to add some variety.  One of the skeletons I built instead as a Grave Guard.

The two models I built and primed are two Bretonnian Damsels, which have yet to be painted.


School starts again in less than two weeks.

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