Summer Painting Project: Embark

Summer is historically a time when I get a lot of hobby work done.  I finally gave in late last night and assembled (as in, got-out, not put-together) nearly everything I have primed and ready to be painted.  My plan: slap some paint on everything, then finish them.  Should be easy!  Here are some pictures of the assembled masses….


First up – the Dystopian Wars section.  I have a set of Uncharted Seas walls/towers which I think can be used for a variety of purposes and games systems.  Besides the walls we have Canadian ground forces, a few Russian Coalition frigates (love ’em!), and the majority of my Independent Mercenary Company.  Some of the small tanks have some basic colors on them already from a long time ago.


The next section is more varied.  We’ve got Firestorm: Armada.  We’ve got Warhammer Fantasy.  We’ve got…. Warzone Resurrection?  …Afterlife?  Thank you Kickstarter for these one-offs!


Everything together.  It is both imposing and not too bad.  Spartan stuff always paints up fast…



These Knights of the Realm have been waiting to be painted for a long time.  Behind them: mounted yeomen and a mounted prophetess.


Close up of the Dominion of Canada forces.



Close up of the Independent Mercenary Company units.


So, all told, this is what I’ve got on my painting station:


+ 4 stone Towers with cannon

+ 4 stone Walls with cannon

Dominion of Canada:

+ 6 Wolfe class Medium Tanks

+ 6 Archer class Flak Tanks

+ 21 Terrier class Small Tank bases (whew)

Mercenary Company:

+ 6 pocket cruisers

+ 3 super destroyers

+ 2 assault escorts

Russian Coalition:

+ 6 Novogorod class Frigates (yeah, baby!)


+ 1 Sentinel class Terran Cruiser

+ 1 Sorylian System Defense Monitor (custom build – counts-as Skyhammer)

+ 1 Spur class Battlecruiser (Terran Senator checking on the frontline?)

+ 4 Kopis class Sorylian Heavy Cruisers


+ 4 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm

+ 4 Bretonnian Mounted Yeoman

+ 1 Bretonnian Mounted Prophetess

+ 3 Bretonnian Men-at-Arms


+ Warzone: Resurrection Imperial Doomtrooper

+ Afterlife Unity Council Trooper (this one’s for you, Juan!)


Now that I write it all out, it does seem like an awful lot to paint…

Bretonnian Paladin and Damsel (both on foot)

Finally finished Sir Mattice Siebert, the Empathic Paladin of Artois, and Ariadny, Priestess of Shallya.  Both are part of the large Men-at-Arms spear regiment (the “Spears of Sir Mattice”), of which I have complete no other models!

Painting white is always a drag, so I try not to worry too much about it.  I didn’t want clean looking models on the battlefield, and Agrax Earthshade makes everything all right always and forever.

Bretonnian Bowmen: Pictures of 5 More

I have finished five more peasant bowmen for my Bretonnian army!  These are painted in the colors of their lord, Earl Gilderaux, and match the Voulgiers (see them here).  Perhaps they are castle archers?

Here are some pictures of the bowmen and two defensive stakes bases:

I also took two quick – and too dark – shots of everything I have painted so far.  When I have more completed I’ll have to get them all out for some decent pics.



Men-at-Arms to Arms: Pictures

It has been over a year since I did any painting on my dauntingly-large Bretonnian Army (a muster from Artois, featuring Earl de Gilderaux, Baron Monguillot, Sir Mattice Siebert, etc.).  This weekend I painted eight more Men-at-Arms with halberds – part of the Earl’s castle guard, armed with voulges.

The four voulgiers I had painted over a year ago clearly contrast the ones I painted this weekend.  The big difference?  I started using washes while in Ireland last summer.  Between base paints and washes, painting these eight new men-at-arms went faster than painting the four old ones!

I am satisfied with the paint job on these peasants.  It’s not perfect, but it’s progress, and there are many more Bretons to paint…

I stuck with the same base scheme as before, as I had built (but not painted) the eight new ones before using texture paints or static grass.  I am not worried about having a variety of shades and bases in one unit…must…keep…moving…forward….

Survey Ends in 15 days!

The online survey for my academic study of tabletop wargamers ends on January 7, 2013.  If you are over the age of 18 and are a citizen of the United States of America, and if you have not already taken this survey, please take it!


I will be posting the results and analysis of the survey in the Spring semester.  Feel free to spread the link around, tell your friends, post on other blogs and forums, and so forth.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the survey and who has helped spread the word!

Academic Study on Tabletop Wargamers


I am a graduate student at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.  This year I managed to create an independent study to pursue the first academic research about tabletop wargamers in America.  The main part of this study is an online survey.  This survey opens today (Nov. 19, 2012) and closes in January 2013.  Here is the link:

Please take this survey (but only take it once) – and feel free to pass it on to any wargamers you know, repost it, etc.   The main purpose of this study is to find out general demographic information about the specific subpopulation (American Tabletop Wargamers).

More Skeleton Warriors (Picture Gallery)

Last night I finished some more Undead for my slowly growing force.  I really enjoyed building these ten: I bought a Skeleton Warriors box and mixed in lots of leftover pieces from the Grave Guard kit.  I even had enough left over  pieces to make another convincing Grave Guard for the unit.  Now I have finished 19 skeleton warriors with full command, 11 Grave Guard with full command, and two Wight Kings.

The two models I am most proud of in this batch are pictured separately above; the Grave Guard (aforementioned) and a staff-carrying bare skeleton.  Bonus points for anyone who can identify the pieces used to make the staff itself (hints to come in future posts).

I leave Dublin the day after tomorrow, and am hoping to finish two final models before then.