Finished Grave Guard (Picture Heavy)

I have finally finished the first ten Grave Guard!  I am pretty pleased how they turned out.

First, the Standard Bearer – the unit’s standard bearer with the Banner of the Barrows, in this case indicated with a magic chalice icon.  Next: the unit champion.  He is unfortunately rather hunched forward, so hard to see his detail.  Following the seneschal, the musician, and then a bunch of pictures of the unit comes together.  For these pictures I did find one pattern where they ranked up acceptably, so that’s a welcome surprise.  The Grave Guard are equipped with Great Weapons.  My plan in-game is to run 20-25 Grave Guard plus the Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer) in a 7 by 3 formation.  Not including the BSB that comes to around 320-380 points.

I also took some shots of the “army” as a whole now – everything I have painted up for this force so far this summer.  I plan to add ten more Skeleton Warriors before I leave Ireland.

4 responses to “Finished Grave Guard (Picture Heavy)

  1. Awesome job mate ;) Wight King looks great too. Really like the cloth and the handpanted Banner. I’m still not brave enough to free hand my own Banners yet haha. Keep up the awesome work =D

  2. Hey, thanks! I got another Skeleton Warriors boxed set today – so more work incoming.

    I was also reading the description for Killing Blow today, and I noticed that a successful Killing Blow attack (rolls a 6 to wound) ignores all armor! I didn’t realize that before – that makes rolling to wound a lot more exciting! I will have to remember that rule…

    • Nice =D

      Haha yup, thats what I love about em you can annihilate units. Cast Hellish Vigour (reroll wounds) on your Grave Guard and let the slaughtering begin mwah harr harr haarr :)

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