Starting the Big Project

Today I have started work on the big project for the summer: stripping, remodeling, and repainting my 3500 point Imperial Guard Army.  I started collecting this army – my first Games Workshop modeling – when I was in 5th grade, and continued collecting them for maybe six years, alongside a smaller Space Marine force.  I have a smattering of different uniform themes – primarily Valhallan, Cadian (new and old), and Mordian – have till now followed a rather disgusting white, black, orange and grey color scheme (“winter urban camouflage” I imagined) that needs an update.  I’ve settled on a color scheme and worked some patterns for it, and I think it will turn out nicely.  Because of the differing uniform styles, it is critical to have a matching, consistent palette.  

Obviously, some of my army was never undercoated – thankfully including fully half of the vehicles in the force.  That’s the easiest part.  Stripping the white undercoated guardsmen should be all right, and it should be easy enough to get the painted ones as well.  I am most worried about the models I varnished – “the original 11” – but I am hopeful about it.

After stripping it all: remodeling some, then flocking, then undercoating.

5 responses to “Starting the Big Project

  1. Hey,

    I got directed to this site by Ian, and just thought I’d throw this out… if you’re interested in any pics of WIP Tyranids or Dark Eldar (to various degrees), let me know.


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