Emperor Class Battleship: Centerpiece

I thought I’d do a spotlight on my Emperor Class Battleship, as seen a few posts ago as part of my fleet.  It didn’t take very long at all to paint, but it is still definitely the centerpiece of my Imperial fleet and indeed me entire Battlefleet Gothic collection.  

The painting scheme was the same as the rest of the fleet, with a little more embellishment and detailing.  Over a black undercoat, I dry brushed Shadow Grey over all raised areas of the ship.  The launch bays and a few other details were done with a solid layer of Shadow Grey.  Weapon batteries, lance batteries, turret guns, and sensor arrays were picked out with Boltgun Metal.  The prow and angelic statue were first layered twice in white, then dry brushed lightly with Boltgun Metal, then given a solid layer of yellow and a highlight of Bleached Bone.  White was also used to help pick out a few minor stacks/sensors.  That is more or less all it took!

The ship is named “The Knight of Dankrat” for reasons I can’t recall specifically, and I purchased it several years ago because it was on (substantial) sale.  It’s good to be part of the Imperial Navy.

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