The Volyak XXI Rifles

2nd Company, with Attachments

I thought I’d show off my Guard army all in force.  I think that I need one more infantry model, as presently I have a single squad of remnants at 9-man strength.  I was thinking a medic.  More on this later.

All Guard 

The force has grown somewhat since I first set out on the project to re-do them all.  Mostly I’ve added infantry, mostly from spare pieces.  But I’ve also added the heavy mortars and the inquisitor squad, etc.  I’m pretty pleased with it’s size – certainly deserving of Apocalypse.  

Inquisitor and Greater Entourage 

I don’t pretend that the Inquisitor and retinue will add all that much to the force tactically, but in their defense they were built pretty exclusively for the self-build contest.

All together, the Volyak XXI Rifles, 2nd Company, Medium Infantry, consists of:

Company Command, Captain Karislov

-Advised by Commissar Greggory, Father Jakob, and guarded by Oon Tuffhide, staff and signal officers and veterans

-Company Command also includes the Light Support Platoon, which includes two fire support squads, an anti-tank squad, a mortar squad, a Cyclops Demolition Team, and a Chimera Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

The Company consists of three infantry platoons, two mobile and one semi-mobile

-Attached to the company platoons is a second Chimera IFV

-Each platoon is led by a lieutenant and equipped with various war materiel

From the Volyak XXI Rifles 9th Company, Armored, there are a number of attachments

-Mobile artillery support in the form of a Basilisk

-Medium reconnaissance in the form of a Salamander Scout

-Heavy armored support in the form of an expanded tank squadron

From the Artherian 4th PDF Combined Arms Regiment (disbanded) come further attachments

-Medium armored support in the form of an Elephant Mk I

-Light reconnaissance in the form of a Fast Attack Vehicle

-Immobile artillery support by a heavy mortar battery and an Earthshaker cannon artillery platform

-Attached general purpose infantry (standing militia)

Finally, there are a few Imperial attachments to add versatility and authority

-Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (mission codeword “Baron”) with personal combat retinue

-Imperial Stormtrooper squad, led by Lieutenant Stronoff

  It’s also rumored that an Imperial assassin has been operating in the vicinity…


All together it comes to 3754 points for 158 men and 15 vehicles.  I’ve done some Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) but the short version is: 1 inquisitor, 1 commissar, 1 priest, 2 captains, 7 lieutenants, 198 other ranks (this is counting the tank crews): 210 men total represented in this fighting detachment.  That’s pretty much it.  There is some room for expansion – not a lot, and I obviously still have plenty to paint – but some room.  More on that soon…


Ever Onwards: Progress on the Imperial Guard

As my Winter break finishes, I, too, must finish with the painting I’ve been working on.  Besides building a few models, spray painting a few more, and overall spending too much money this holiday season, I painted the senior leadership of my Imperial Guard company, and a few other special members of the force.  I’ll post more on my Guard army in general later in the week.  First, the Vindicare Sniper.



Although I don’t (technically) have an Inquisitor to allow me to field him in anything less than an Apocalypse-sized game, he still might shine in such a target rich environment… I painted him to intentionally try to capture a form of active camouflage (similar to “Otacamo”), hence the coloration.





The company’s priest is a model of which I’m particular proud.  Based on the Uriah Jacobus model, without any conversions.  I was delighted to paint in blues and oranges after painting the same greens, greys and browns for the rest of the army.  The drybrushing for the animal pelt left me feeling quite rewarded.





The company commissar is another model with which I am very pleased.  For what I consider a model rather lacking in detail, I think the differences in the coloration, like the priest, bring a lot to the rest of the army, by having both points of differentiation and reflection with the rest of the force.  The power sword, swathed in its energy field, mirrors the captain’s own (see below); the bolter has the same coloration of other weapons; the sash is colored with the regiment’s main fatigue shade.



Although he might not be quick enough to get between a failed captain and the commissar’s bolt round, this is the captain’s ogryn bodyguard, based on the Nork Deddog model (for individualization, I’ll call him Oon Tuffhide).  Like the Vindicare, I think he finds the most efficient use of his points in Apocalypse-sized battles.




Based on the Captain Chenkov model, this is the company’s commanding officer, Captain Karislov.  Carapace armor, power sword, bolt pistol, iron discipline.  He forms the natural focus of the command platoon.



I also finished these five guardsmen.  The company signals officer, two sergeants with weapon swaps and also two veteran troopers with high-powered autoguns.  All of these models feature conversions, the last four with noticeable weapon swaps.

Self-Build Contest: Complete

Happy New Year

And with the beginning of 2009 comes the end of the self-build contest.  We received five completed entries, and although many of them are visible in earlier postings I will repost them here for convenience and viewing pleasure.  In the order of receipt, we have Andy, Ian, Keenan, Tom, and Admiral Drax.

painted ian keenan tom1 drax 

Drax’s highly detailed model, including converted glasses and many other personal signifiers, I find brilliant.  He’s posted several good pictures alongside an examination of the piece on his blog:  Be sure to stop by and check it out!

We also received one rather mysterious “work-in-progress” piece that some may recognize from previous entries as the self-build of my friend Aaron.  There’s still a lot of painting work to do (“obviously,” he says) but in lieu of any further entries please enjoy this small, blurry shot.


And this brings a close to this “contest.”  I think that all the models turned out really well, and I am particularly impressed by the works of others.  It feels good to finish something, especially when surrounded by unfinished and waiting armies.

But even then…

Andy and I were discussing the idea of expanding ths contest significantly.  Now that the basic figures are done, what if we included their rides?  Here’s what we were thinking:

•Using the self-build individual model as a guide, participants should create, build and paint a companion vehicle or riding creature.

•The vehicle should have obvious tie-ins to the model and should be explainable by either faction or background (i.e., if your character is riding a chained Carnifex, you’d better be able to tell the story!).

•Contest deadline is initially set at August 1, 2009.

If you missed the opportunity to participate in this early phase of the contest, don’t let that stop you from whipping something up this time around!  We’d love to see your entries, and I foresee quite the modeling future for my own Leman Russ Exte — well, maybe I should keep that a secret for now…

P.S. Here’s another look at Drax’s sweet model: drax2

Self-Build Contest: Ian’s and More

There’s little else like the completion of a project, and it gives me pleasure to bring to you the following three entries to the Self-Build contest (deadline coming up, see previous entry).  They were all painted with concerted effort this evening, and in the end, even though I was somewhat disappointed with the modeling of my own self-model, I think the paint job redeems it to me.  I hope the picture quality can convey the time spent on these models!

First, my own model.


Of particular note for this model: the sculpted beard and hair, the sculpted giant pretzel (back of the base), and the sleeves are in a blue/black/gray camouflage scheme.  It’s also an important model for me because it marks the first time I’ve painted irises successfully (admittedly, though, I didn’t risk pupils).

Second, my brother Keenan’s (he’s Tau, just like his army):


Although it’s hard to see in this picture, on the right shoulder there’s a sculpted cockatiel that comes close to matching this Fire Warrior’s hair color.  The model is made up of various pieces from different ranges, including a Warhammer Empire militiaman torso, a Kroot satchel, and a decorative skull from the Assault on Black Reach set.  It’s painted in a scheme close enough that it could be used without shame in the owner’s Tau Empire army.  I’ll let you know, too, that besides the lack of a nose it does look quite like the artist himself.

Finally, I have a second submission, a model I made of my friend Tom (we don’t have to count it in the judging, for sake of fairness – maybe it’s just a good match for Andy’s outrageous character build earlier…).


Built primarily from Imperial Guard pieces, this model is perhaps the least directly representative of the individual it was built to render (sadly; and although I could blame it on a lack of appropriate bits I should also probably blame my unwillingness to sculpt parts from scratch).  I’d like to point out two things about this model.  First: yes, the flamethrower does have a bayonet attached.  Second, the object on the base is a turnip from Mario 2, custom-sculpted of course.  One could say Tom is a bit of a gamer.

As I mentioned before, I’m very pleased with how these three models turned out.




So, as Andy requested, let’s see some entries from our other readers!

Self-Build: Andy’s Entry

Well, here we go. As I’ll be unable to work on it anymore before the first, I decided to get as much done as possible in one day. It still needs another coat of paint on the jeans and some details picked out, (especially the autogun… needs more black to make it M-16 like.)  but it’s good enough for now.

paintedOther than the orange decoration, that’s how I dress. Very plain. The beard turned out better than I’d hoped.

If you have an entry, leave a comment and we’ll contact you by email. Or, you can link to it in your comment. You have to post it before 12:00 am US Central Time (GMT -6) Jan. 1st, 2009. We’ll do another full post with all the entries after the New Year. Cheers!

Self-Build Update: Andy


So, unlike Ian, I didn’t get all crazy with mine. There are a few reasons for this:

1) No green stuff. Yeah. It sucks.

2) Work. Yeah. It sucks.

3) The final pieces arrived on the 27th of December. That didn’t suck so much, as I was worried I’d miss the deadline altogether.

As I write this, it’s 0130 on Dec. 30, 2008. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s 47.5 hours away from the deadline. Wow. With any luck, this will be coated when I wake up, and painted… sometime before the deadline. Here’s to hoping.

All in all though, I am happy with the model. I think once it gets some color, it’ll look a lot better.


p.s. Other than Ian’s crew and myself, I haven’t seen any entries. Where are you guys?

p.p.s. I got a new dreadnought from a very special person… And this one is gonna be epic. More on that soon.

A Painted Tank and some Hair Sculpts

Two small advances to report.  First, Aaron and Keenan have finished building themselves and we have even sculpted hair onto them as befits their own looks, and it looks good.




In the background you can see the second thing to report: I painted a tank this week.  It took about two and a half hours one night, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  Tank name “Shorty.”

dkanglsgrn rearview