Men-at-Arms to Arms: Pictures

It has been over a year since I did any painting on my dauntingly-large Bretonnian Army (a muster from Artois, featuring Earl de Gilderaux, Baron Monguillot, Sir Mattice Siebert, etc.).  This weekend I painted eight more Men-at-Arms with halberds – part of the Earl’s castle guard, armed with voulges.

The four voulgiers I had painted over a year ago clearly contrast the ones I painted this weekend.  The big difference?  I started using washes while in Ireland last summer.  Between base paints and washes, painting these eight new men-at-arms went faster than painting the four old ones!

I am satisfied with the paint job on these peasants.  It’s not perfect, but it’s progress, and there are many more Bretons to paint…

I stuck with the same base scheme as before, as I had built (but not painted) the eight new ones before using texture paints or static grass.  I am not worried about having a variety of shades and bases in one unit…must…keep…moving…forward….

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