Saturday’s Tournament: 2000-point Footslogger IG

So the tournament (my first!) was this last Saturday.  The ten days prior saw an amazing amount of painting – three Lascannon, two Chimeras, a Basilisk, Autocannon, Heavy Bolter (all pictured in posts below), as well as three mortars (soon to be pictured) – all finished.  Thanks to near-herculean efforts from my brothers Keenan, Colin and my best friend Aaron (of Waaaagh! Og’Thall), we slapped paint down on the final 31 infantry for my army list, and almost finished most of them.  So, I did not quite reach the 784 points 100% painted goal, but I was not too far away, either.

As for the tournament, I played two games and lost both.  But I learned a lot about how the game goes, and in most ways it has not really changed since 3rd edition (the last time I really played frequently).  That’s what I wanted, after all: to learn.

The first game was against Crisis-suit Tau and we only got two turns in before the time limit.  I held on to objectives and forced a victory point decision, which I promptly lost.  But I did manage to ram a devilfish with a Chimera and destroy it without any return damage.  That may well be the coolest thing I ever did in 40k.

In the second game I played against psy-rifledread Grey Knights, and we only got four turns in before the time limit.  That was a Kill Points mission, which I lost 7 to 3, but it was closer than it sounded.  The unexpected heroes of that game were the mortars, which took more Grey Knights lives than anything else.  Honorable mention goes to the multilasers on my Chimeras, which destroyed one Razorback and almost another.

I thought I would post my 2000-point Imperial Guard list here as well.  It is based only on what I have painted (that is not VDR or Apocalypse-only).  The biggest drawback of this list was its size: I filled up my deployment zone in both missions, and took forever deploying.

Volyak XXI Rifles, mixed detachment

Imperial Guard 2000-point list


Company Command Squad – Company commander with bolt pistol and power weapon, flamer, meltagun vox-caster, krak grenades for the squad, Ogryn Bodyguard, Chimera transport with storm bolter: 262 points

Priest – shotgun: 45 points


First Platoon

Command Section – Platoon commander with power weapon and meltabombs, four flamers, Chimera transport with heavy bolter: 115 points

First Squad – Commissar with power weapon, flamer, krak grenades: 110 points

Second Squad – Grenade launcher, vox-caster: 60 points

Third Squad – Krak grenades: 60 points

Second Platoon

Command Section – Platoon commander with bolt pistol, three meltaguns, krak grenades, Chimera transport with heavy stubber: 132 points

First Squad – Grenade launcher, vox-caster: 60 points

Second Squad – Grenade launcher: 55 points

Special Weapons Section – Three grenade launchers: 50 points

Third Platoon

Command Section – Missile launcher: 45 points

First Squad – Bolt pistol, plasma gun, autocannon: 77 points

Second Squad – Bolt pistol, plasma gun, autocannon: 77 points

Third Squad – Grenade launcher, autocannon: 65 points

Anti-tank Section – Three lascannon: 105 points

Fire Support Section ‘1’ – Three heavy bolters: 75 points

Fire Support Section ‘2’ – Three heavy bolters:  75 points

Mortar Section – Three mortars: 60 points


Leman Russ Exterminator – Sponson heavy bolters, heavy stubber: 180 points

Leman Russ MBT – Storm bolter: 160 points

Basilisk –   125 points

Grand Total: 1998 points

One response to “Saturday’s Tournament: 2000-point Footslogger IG

  1. Fantastic stuff, mate – I’m glad it all came toether so well. As it happens, I have a 2000pt game tomorrow night against Grey Knights. As is my wont, I offered him a mixed, fun, fluffy force, but he wants to try a competitive build…so I’m swallowing my pride and taking a boring mech veterans list.

    I’d love to play with my infantry only list(!) but I suspect it’d just take up WAAAAAY too much time and space, just like you found.

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