IG Work: Basilisk, Autocannon, Heavy Bolter

Work is progressing, albeit more slowly than I would like considering the deadline in approximately 50 hours.  Today I am going to show off my Basilisk, Ares, which was actually the very first 40k item I ever purchased, built and painted.  Then, of course, I later stripped the paint, re-undercoated, and just now finished it (the details about the stripping process can be found on the “Restoring the Guard” page on the right-side of the page).  I have also finished an autocannon and a heavy bolter, both using the old Valhallan heavy weapon team models.

That adds another 150 points to the “painted” category, putting me at about 35% complete of the goal…

Gracious thanks to my brother for helping so much with this project.

3 responses to “IG Work: Basilisk, Autocannon, Heavy Bolter

  1. Indeed! I can assure you their similarity was unintentional. We both just have superb taste on such things.

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