Painting Plans: New Paints, Old Armies

Since the new Citadel paints have been released, I have to admit that I really want to try them out, despite the $50+ I have invested in “old style” paints since coming back from Kosova.  I have been thinking a lot about whether or not to switch to the new paints this summer (ah, summer – the time when I have time to get into the hobby) or keep on with the old schemes and old paints.  I think I have arrived at an equitable solution:

• With my Imperial Guard army: keep on keeping on with the old paints and old scheme.  I am within a few hundred points – about 35 models left to paint – of finishing the army totally, and I don’t want to switch to new paints for that process.  Especially not when I already have all the colors I need!

• With my brother’s Tau army: keep on keeping on, for the same reason above – except we are only in need of final touch-ups (damn! when will I finish this army!).

• With my Bretonnian army: finish the models currently underway with the old style paints, and switch to new paints as possible/needed.  I REALLY want to find an easier way to paint reds, yellows, and whites…and the new basecoat paints look like a good way to do it….

Because I will be in Ireland for much of the summer, I will in-effect be starting anew with any hobbying I do there (hello, GW Dublin!).  I have a variety of projects in my mind for the summer, but I do not want to dive into anything too intense (how would I get it back safely?).

Let me know what you think.

One response to “Painting Plans: New Paints, Old Armies

  1. According to an official announcement, there will be an “Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny” held in Dublin from this Saturday till May 26th. Also on the same day (May 26th), three of the most iconic authors for the Black Library will be in the store (at Dublin) signing their books. When are you leaving? I hope you won’t miss it!

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