Ever Onwards: Progress on the Imperial Guard

As my Winter break finishes, I, too, must finish with the painting I’ve been working on.  Besides building a few models, spray painting a few more, and overall spending too much money this holiday season, I painted the senior leadership of my Imperial Guard company, and a few other special members of the force.  I’ll post more on my Guard army in general later in the week.  First, the Vindicare Sniper.



Although I don’t (technically) have an Inquisitor to allow me to field him in anything less than an Apocalypse-sized game, he still might shine in such a target rich environment… I painted him to intentionally try to capture a form of active camouflage (similar to “Otacamo”), hence the coloration.





The company’s priest is a model of which I’m particular proud.  Based on the Uriah Jacobus model, without any conversions.  I was delighted to paint in blues and oranges after painting the same greens, greys and browns for the rest of the army.  The drybrushing for the animal pelt left me feeling quite rewarded.





The company commissar is another model with which I am very pleased.  For what I consider a model rather lacking in detail, I think the differences in the coloration, like the priest, bring a lot to the rest of the army, by having both points of differentiation and reflection with the rest of the force.  The power sword, swathed in its energy field, mirrors the captain’s own (see below); the bolter has the same coloration of other weapons; the sash is colored with the regiment’s main fatigue shade.



Although he might not be quick enough to get between a failed captain and the commissar’s bolt round, this is the captain’s ogryn bodyguard, based on the Nork Deddog model (for individualization, I’ll call him Oon Tuffhide).  Like the Vindicare, I think he finds the most efficient use of his points in Apocalypse-sized battles.




Based on the Captain Chenkov model, this is the company’s commanding officer, Captain Karislov.  Carapace armor, power sword, bolt pistol, iron discipline.  He forms the natural focus of the command platoon.



I also finished these five guardsmen.  The company signals officer, two sergeants with weapon swaps and also two veteran troopers with high-powered autoguns.  All of these models feature conversions, the last four with noticeable weapon swaps.

2 responses to “Ever Onwards: Progress on the Imperial Guard

  1. I like the conversions, good job!

    One question however, where on earth did you manage to get those autoguns? I’ve been trying to get some for the past couple of years but with limited success. The only ones i’ve found are the possibility of a few in a necromunda boxed set and the forgeworld renegade guardsmen arms though i really prefer the look of the ones you have used.

    If you could enlighten me as to where i can get some i’d be very, very grateful! Thanks

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I’m afraid that I only have those autoguns because almost a decade ago I ordered a Necromunda rifles bitz set. They are pretty cool, and I’m glad Forgeworld is incorporating them more into new models. For you, though, I’m afraid the only suggestion I have is to look on eBay and see what you can dig up!

      Best of luck.

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