Self-Build Contest: Complete

Happy New Year

And with the beginning of 2009 comes the end of the self-build contest.  We received five completed entries, and although many of them are visible in earlier postings I will repost them here for convenience and viewing pleasure.  In the order of receipt, we have Andy, Ian, Keenan, Tom, and Admiral Drax.

painted ian keenan tom1 drax 

Drax’s highly detailed model, including converted glasses and many other personal signifiers, I find brilliant.  He’s posted several good pictures alongside an examination of the piece on his blog:  Be sure to stop by and check it out!

We also received one rather mysterious “work-in-progress” piece that some may recognize from previous entries as the self-build of my friend Aaron.  There’s still a lot of painting work to do (“obviously,” he says) but in lieu of any further entries please enjoy this small, blurry shot.


And this brings a close to this “contest.”  I think that all the models turned out really well, and I am particularly impressed by the works of others.  It feels good to finish something, especially when surrounded by unfinished and waiting armies.

But even then…

Andy and I were discussing the idea of expanding ths contest significantly.  Now that the basic figures are done, what if we included their rides?  Here’s what we were thinking:

•Using the self-build individual model as a guide, participants should create, build and paint a companion vehicle or riding creature.

•The vehicle should have obvious tie-ins to the model and should be explainable by either faction or background (i.e., if your character is riding a chained Carnifex, you’d better be able to tell the story!).

•Contest deadline is initially set at August 1, 2009.

If you missed the opportunity to participate in this early phase of the contest, don’t let that stop you from whipping something up this time around!  We’d love to see your entries, and I foresee quite the modeling future for my own Leman Russ Exte — well, maybe I should keep that a secret for now…

P.S. Here’s another look at Drax’s sweet model: drax2

6 responses to “Self-Build Contest: Complete

  1. Good stuff! I’m sorry I didn’t see this until almost the very end, as it would have been fun to participate. I must say, the second model looks disturbingly like a guy I work with.

  2. Thanks, guys – I feel honoured!

    I wouldn’t even know how to begin greenstuffing a beard, so I love that look a LOT! Mind you, at 28 years old I can’t even grow a beard yet – nor even sideburns. Luckily my machismo is manifested through my manly gaming hobby.


    maybe not.

    Cheers, all,


  3. Ha, I just painted mine on. Even if I had green stuff, I never would have done it, I’m not that skilled.

    BTW Drax, I think you end up winning. Those glasses are spot on, and the painting is fantastic!

  4. Thanks, Chaps,

    I’m honestly flattered! I was certainly in good company, with you lot, too!

    Not sure about a vehicle for him, but I’m working on a battlefield role and I have been drafting some rules for Capt. Stephenson – my officer in a sentinel: I’ll try to finalise and post them before too long…just for giggles.

    Now if only I were able to actually play from time to time…

    Many thanks again, and all the best for the start of the year!



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