The First 5 Guardsmen

After finishing up the Skink, I went ahead and selected one model from each of the 5 uniform styles that make up the majority of my Guard infantry: new Cadian, Valhallan, Mordian, old Cadian, and Catachan. I painted these up as examples so that they can be referenced while working on the other 113 Guardsmen. At the same time my good friend Aaron was painting up the beginnings of his new Ork army: the Warboss and a Kommando with Big Shoota.

The color scheme for my Guard is simple. There are only three basic colors: Chaos Black for leather, Dark Angels Green for fatigues, etc., and Fortress Grey for armor. Based with Catachan Green, the flesh is done in Dwarf Flesh, the metallics in Chainmail, the icons/symbols in Shining Gold, and the rifle stock in Bestial Brown. All in all I am satisfied, and am particularly excited about the prospect of having an entire army finished in a cohesive color scheme.

I need to figure out, though, a better way to paint eyes. Maybe I just won’t paint them at all, and leave them fleshy.

2 responses to “The First 5 Guardsmen

  1. I know how you feel being excited to have a painted force. I’m pretty excited myself with the progress I’ve been making. I’m glad to see your update. Keep up the good work, only 113 more guard to go!

  2. Jeez – I often wish I’d gone for so simple a scheme when painting the first ten of my (now 200-plus) guardsmen! Very effective – especially the mix of uniforms…what a great idea!

    I like your mate’s orks, too: please ocnvey my compliments!

    – Drax

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