3 responses to “Progress

  1. I really like your display shelves thingy. Most of my minis live in their carrying case. I like to think that it’s cozy and teaches them not to be afraid of the dark… or the neglect…

  2. @ Inner Geek
    The display shelves are actually an old gun rack that was built into the room when we moved in. It didn’t take much to take out the rack part, add a few shelves, and it’s worked rather nicely. The other armies I have to keep in a shelved cupboard, though.

    @ Ron
    Yeah, trust me, we know! Ha ha. But when working with other people and a basic paint scheme, it’s impressive what you can get down. It is somewhat disparaging, though, when painting to realize that after the 106 basic infantry are painted, there are still 6 special characters, 8 storm troopers, and 14 heavy weapons to paint – and then 8 more tanks! But, I knew that this was a big project when started, so I guess I just have to buckle down and keep painting…

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