The 500 pt. Space Marines Army

So I promised I’d post my 500 pt. army, and try to explain why I have what I have. So, here it is:

HQ – 90 pts – Captain with Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon (Store Link)

This was the piece I was least sure about. You would think that since it is so important I’d be sure this is what I wanted, but there were just so many choices. So I kept him simple, not wanting to put too much into him in case I get rid of him later. Still, he is able to hold his own, which is always important.

Troops – 2 groups of 9 Space Marines (151 pts./Squad – 302 pts. total) (Store Link)

While I was considering specializing the core of the army, it just seemed like I’d be better off with a bit of flexibility. Again, keeping it simple, it’s just 18 Space Marines, each squad having a flamer and a launcher. The Sergeants have the basic pistol and close combat weapon. The hardest part of this was figuring how mobile I wanted these squads to be. Right now we’ve spent 392 pts on the army, leaving 108. 108 pts will get you two Rhino transports. Mobility is usually good. But, instead, as we’ve seen in previous post, I went with…

Dreadnought with Smoke Launchers – 108 pts. (Store Link)

More than mobility, the army needed a centerpiece. Let’s face it, when there is a large piece on the board, people want it gone, and fast. Is the Dreadnought more deadly than the others? Well, yeah. However, the others used together can be devastating, and if they aren’t hurt by enemy fire, they can do more than the Dreadnought can by itself. (Mobility, again.)

So there it is. Is it simple? Yes. It’s supposed to be. Is there some grand strategy that’s going to enable this to win every time? No. Is there any obvious strength to it? No. Is there any glaring weakness to it? No. So all in all, I’d call this a successful core to an army. I won’t actually know until I test it, and test it again, but that’s how things work.

Leave a comment, and let me know what you think.

18 responses to “The 500 pt. Space Marines Army

  1. your army needs more heavy weapons how are you going to take somthing like a carnafix with just an assult cannon

    • If you are playing by the official 500 point battle rules, you can not field carnifexes or any vehicle with armor totaling 33 or more (using the front, ONE side, and the rear). Therefore, I think this list is pretty well done considering you really don’t have to worry about those threats. Also, HQ units are optional so if you wanted to, you could sac him for more space marines which I do sometimes. Hope this helped, have fun!

  2. You do have a point here, however this is just a basic army. When an issue like that arises, I will make changes as necessary. If you were going to change this list, what would you remove and add?

  3. Well, if your taking a dred (my 500 point army uses one), then I would drop 2 marines (1 from each sqaud) and put it in a drop pod. This lets you put the dred where you really need him…a nice shooty lane for the assaut cannon or in assault setup so the powerclaw can krump beasties like a carnifex. The side bonus is the drop pod comes equiped with a stormbolter for extra shooting goodness just where you need it, it blocks LOS, and once down, most people ignore them despite the fact they get shotup each turn.
    The other 500 point option I like is using smaller squads of 5-7 with Razorbacks. Sort of a poor mans tank. If your thinking of HTH/Assaulting, give the sgt a PW…otherwise include a missile. Against heavy weapon armies this could be bad because of the rhinoesque paper hulls, but against hoard armies a TL/LAS razor can standoff and plink his big guy (Carnifex) while the TL/HB can give some shooty death to the gaunts.
    HQ: If your going assaulty then get a Chaplain. Rerolling misses can be nice (get an assault squad w/o jump packs to join the chaplain). For shooty armies think about the baby Librarian. Fury can take long range potshots at multiple units and pin down gaunts and gents allowing an extra turn at shooting them up.

  4. I really like the infantry orientation of this Space Marine force. As for the desire for more heavy weaponry noted in an earlier comment, I thought the Dreadnought was equipped with a twin-linked Lascannon? One option might be to split the 9 man squads into a different orientation: say, one “Devastator” squad with the two missile launchers and three other Marines, and then the rest in two assault oriented squad, one being backed up with the Captain. That might add some more versatility.

  5. continued

    plasma pistol – 15
    total – 90

    A captain set up like this is versatile, the plasma pistol can be used to kill stuff at close range, and the power weapon allows him to use his high initiative in close combat, vs a power fist

    6 Devastator marines – 90
    4 heavy bolters – 60
    total – 150

    These 4 heavy bolters can put out a whole lot of fire, in a small package.

    6 tactical marines – 90
    sgt terminator honours -15
    sgt power fist and bolt pistol – 15
    flamer – 6
    total – 126

    6 tactical marines – 90
    sgt terminator honours – 15
    sgt powerfist and bolt pistol – 15
    flamer – 6
    total – 126

    the tactical marines are meant for moving and getting into combat, leaving the shooting to the heavy bolters (which do more damage than 2 large units of marines shooting with bolters alone, and they shoot a larger distance). the sergeants have 3 attacks in combat (4 during assault), with a power fist, it can take a tank or dreadnought, or heavily armoured enemies out easily. flamers are great against swarms (like rippers), and other crappy infantry.

    army total
    commander – 90
    devastators – 150
    tactical squad – 126
    tactical squad – 126
    total – 492

    i have used this army many times successfully, and if you know someone who likes using armoured companies, take a couple of marines out, and switch the heavy bolters with missile launchers.

  6. peronally, i’d say drop the dreadnought, they’re actually suprisingly easy to kill, even in close combat and they’re 105 points. i’d go for more infantry (1 man more per squad, so you have weapon options) then you have a fair few points to spend on upgrades. also i’d mabe suggest changing the weapon options of your captain to more long ranged to fit with an army like this. having said that though i’ve pretty much told you to change your list, sorry mate

  7. Though a 500pt space marine army is VERY limited due to the high cost of even the most basic unit, the sheer tactility of the space marines is almost unmatched. As far as the previous comments of dread v.s rhinos v.s dev squads, the biggest problem most people will have to contend with is the monstrous creature, i.e the carnifex, avatar, (on rare occasions the hive tyrant), and to put it simply, there is NO WAY to really contend with them. Take the carnifex for example. The sheer power of a 2+ save, 6 toughness, 9 strength, and that damned barbed strangler s8,ap4, (all for some RIDICULOUS cost of about 150), makes the average tyranid army a power NOT to be reckoned with. And in short, un-killable. Honest to god my marine army has NEVER been able to take that carnifex down with out sacrificing my entire force to do it, and by the time its dead, all the others have surrounded me.

    However, rather than bitch about the “cheese” army that is the tyranid fleet, let’s get down to business. Personally I like the dread, it looks sick, it is almost impossible to kill when faced against the basic troop(especially with the new 5th edition rules), and it can pack a nice ranged punch for roughly 100-115 points. As for the devastator squad…..well, i like the idea of a medium ranged heavy fire, but the fact is they can die so damn easily if put up against other heavy troops (namely gene stealers, snipers, and other tough guyz..). And finally, as for upgrading the basic tactical squad and/or command squad, it really depends on what army you are fighting against. For those with the money/time my suggestion is to make 2, 15 man, tactical squads and design it so you can have basic weps or heavy weps, and you will be able to adapt your army accordingly. ( i also refuse to acknoledge the drop pod comment due to the fact that we are talking about a 500 POINT ARMY?!?!).

    Thanks for reading Doug, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    P.S I am by no means an expert, the best way to build an army is to build it the way YOU like it. My above comments apply to those who are merely unsure about how to proceed. Thanks for reading and if anyone is making a 500+ force i strongly suggest using some Grey Knights, they will be expensive(both $ and points wise) hard to build, hard to paint, but nothing is more satisfying than deep striking a squad of Grey Kinight terminators into the middle of a vulnerable HQ, or sniper squad!

    For anyone who feels limited by a Space marine force i strongly suggest eldar. They are almost as tactical and can pact a mojor punch if used properly, not meaning to brag but i have never lost a game with my eldar….>:)

    500 point.

    HQ- Avatar 155

    Troops-Guardians x10 + missile platform 100

    *PATHFINER* Rangers x5 120
    Heavy – Fire Prism (dispursed beam (s5, ap 4, large blast!!!!)excellent for taking down large squads of annoying light troops AND with the focussed beam, excellent for taking down tough units (s9, ap2, small blast!!!!)

    alternately the Wraith Lord with a starcannnon coul be swapped out with the fire prism, with a s10 and t8 (monstorous creature), it can kill just about anything, and can be killed by just about nothing in a 500point!

    Once again thanks for listening to my ranting and Good luck conquering the galaxy and crushing your oppents!!!!!!!!!

  8. btw, my bad on trashing the drop pod, i was a little mixed up on the new points cost listed in the newest codex (though i still suggest a rhino or chimera!!!)

    Thnx Doug :D

  9. You cant have a flamer or missile launcher untill you get a squad of 10 units! (Note: Comment edited. No need to be rude.)

  10. I think this is an alright army but maybe you could drop your dred and a few of your troops and add a tank like a vindicator

  11. Hey why are you space marines you should be an ork!
    orks are known for there high IQ through out the galaxy!
    that means they are very good shots!

  12. dellzus, the initial post was made in 2007, therefore the requirement of a ten marine squad to have special weapons didn’t apply, I think.

  13. If you r playing ba then try to include a assaalut squad. These guys r monsters at cc and they will annihilate everything. try to get them melta bombs for anti armor

  14. hey, who else thinks it sucks to have to take 10 guys to get cool weapons??????????????????????????? i hate it :(
    sounds like a good list to me man. Dreds are realy nice in 500pts, idk about the drop pod tho. at 500pts the map\game bord will not be very large…..i would just have him on one side blasting stuff wile charging forward wile the marines charge the other side. FOR THE EMPEROR!

  15. As of the new Space Marine codex, captains are now xxx points, and thats without any upgrades, putting a major dent in my battleforce.
    If I’m playing with a captain (in a 500 point game) I only found i had enough points to put 20 tactical marines on the board and give the captain a few upgrades, as I only had 25 points left.
    Space Marines are real expensive now…

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