Again, a quick post…

I’m just going to pose a quick question to the people who read this: What army(ies) do you run? I’m just curious, because everyone I’ve seen so far is running Space Marines. I really don’t want to fight Marine to Marine this often, and I may have to start a new army.

 If you’re feeling really ambitious, post your army list in the comments. Thanks for reading guys, and expect a Battlefleet Gothic update this week.


3 responses to “Again, a quick post…

  1. I’ve got Tau, Black Templar, and an Alaitoc army under construction (very slowly).

    Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed to bring out the Black Templar these days. I built them up about 5 or 6 years ago, using the special-order CCW Marine sprues and metal shoulder pads then only available directly from GW. A lot of time and money went into them. The only rules for them were in the Armageddon book(let). Then GW released the new figures in convenient boxed-set and BT armies flourished. So not only was I playing yet another Space Marine army, I had what was considered the cheesiest of the lot due to the rules and the appeal to 12 year olds.

    I love the Tau. Tactically they’re not so easy to play, but they can throw some fire down range. Definitely a nice army to build up aesthically.

  2. When I was younger I just collected a huge amount of models, and it wasn’t for several years that I started to put them into coherent army lists. I also got my brothers collecting, giving me more models to choose from. I run a solid, mixed 1500 points Vanilla Space Marine army, and otherwise there’s about 4000 points of Guard, 1750 points of Tau, 500 points of Eldar, and 300 points of Necrons available. Guard are my preferred force, but remain poorly painted. Thus my Space Marines get the most play time, even though so many play with them. The truth is, it’s easiest in my opinion to learn the core rules from the Space Marine perspective.

  3. I’ve got between 1500 and 2000 pts of ‘nids, guard, tau, necrons, and rines. my least favourite is the tau, cause they suck in combat, and its difficult to win missions with an immobile force. necrons are slow, but they are incredibly tough. nids are my favourite, my whole army is based around hormagaunts, raveners, gargoyles, and a winged tyrant. i plan on getting winged warriors at some time.

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