Dystopian Wars: First Three Games!

This weekend I played my first three games of Dystopian Wars, thanks to MadDrB and Ruckdog on ManBattlestations.com.  Immediately before the first game on Saturday, I finished the last of my Russian Coalition fleet – the final eight frigates and three cruisers.  Lots of pictures follow.


The whole fleet – packed up in a shoebox.  The freshly painted cruisers are featured in the bottom left, frigates in the center.


The first game on Saturday was a small, 400-point recon system using the DW adapted X-Cam rules.  The main thing I learned from this game?  Frigates have a use!

A few shots of the entire, finished fleet.


We played that first game at The Game Vault, and hey – look at that, my favorite 40k novel, in poster form!


The second game on (Sunday’s first) was another small, 400-point recon game.  The objective in this one was for Ruckdog’s forces to reach his home base.  Important lesson from this game: don’t forget about Sturginium Boost on the Tambov Gunships!


The second mission was an 800 point “assassination” mission.  The above two shots are pictures of the fleet I chose.  Lots of frigates.  Lots of ablative armor.


The attacking French.

The scoreboard.  The final black tallies are actually in the opposite boxes – in the final game, I scored 726 victory points while Ruckdog scored 725.  No clear victor!

All in all, a good weekend of gaming, a good advance in the campaign system, and best of all – learning the game!  Also, I was happy to get to used a fully painted fleet on a ocean board I made myself.







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