Tyranids: even if they bleed, can we kill them?

You may remember the Shadow of the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith, a Dark Eldar army by my friend Joel Williams that we posted a gallery of a while back. You may, too, remember the mention of a discussion Joel and I have often held: I, as an upstanding defender of the Imperium, see the wicked xeno pirates as one of the cruelest and deserving-of-human-las-shot factions in the 41st Millennium; Joel defends them with (heretical) explanations and justifications about the nature of their escape from She Who Thirsts. His exonerations for his Tyranid army are no less blasphemous. The Hive Mind is, he says, only acting on its natural need for sustenance. Whatever his justifications for playing such a sinful army, it is clear that he has put a lot of work into it.

Joel’s collection comes to approximately 3476 points total, and it contains models from several different editions of release. To start, here are a few shots of his hormagaunts and spinegaunts.

Next, some of those ever important synapse creatures, some of the common Warriors and a couple of Zoanthropes.

And from days of old comes a terrifying Screamer-Killer Carnifex, a bioform that, as Joel points out, is fantastic under the latest rules.

And also his newer, fully-magnetized Carnifex.

The main body of the horde is backed by fleet units of gargoyles, raveners and genestealers.

Leading this mighty throng stands a Hive Tyrant with a wicked visage, protected by two Tyrant Guard.

Last, but certainly not the least threatening, are Joel’s three Lictors. He is particularly proud of these older – but updated and beautiful – models.

All in all, even though for games Joel mostly runs forces around 1500 points, his total collection amounts to:
•1 Hive Tyrant, with scything talons and a venom cannon
•3 Tyrant Guard
•1 Hive Tyrant with wings
•10 Warriors
•3 Lictors
•48 Spinegaunts
•48 Hormagaunts
•30 Genestealers
•10+ Ripper Swarm bases
•3 Raveners
•32 Gargoyles
•Screamer-Killer Carnifex
•Magnetized Carnifex
•3 Zoanthropes
•3 Biovores

So the question that remains is, of course, did I pack that extra power cell for my lasgun?

They’re Coming!!

“Hold fast, brothers, fear not the alien scum… oh… uh… Fight on, Brothers! I’ll… go get backup. Yeah…. that’s it.”

Hive Tyrant Pre-base

In related news, there really is backup on the way. I had the lack of willpower to purchase a Space Marine Battleforce, which, along with what I already have puts me about equal with the GF in terms of money spent, and game points. Now we can all look forward to bigger games!

I apologize for the lack of Space Marine pictures, but they are coming – I just need to touch up the MotC, finish the base of the D-nought, and perhaps get a few assault marines put together, but expect pictures soon. It’s my hope that it won’t be another 25 days until my next post, but I make no promises.

As always, if you’d like me to put up pictures of your army, leave a comment and I’ll email you at the address you provide. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I talked to some Gothic players today… things look good for gaming in the next month or so. Stay tuned.