I’m having problems sleeping…

So I’ll start my work on this. Today I’m uploading two photos, so it’s an exciting time. But first a quick history…

 My girlfriend and I bought a Warhammer 40,000 starter kit. The Battle for Macragge. It’s pretty sweet, I’m excited about it. (Check out 40k and other GW games at www.games-workshop.com)I played Battlefleet Gothic years ago, but the stores don’t stock any of the models for it, so I couldn’t quite talk her into that. However, once I explained the basics of 40k to her, she got pretty excited. So did I. I’ve wanted to play for awhile, but the hardest thing was finding someone to play against. Problem solved.

Kind of.

We’ve played a few of the scenarios, but it’s been awhile. We’ve been busy, that’s how things go. However, now that my army is almost totally painted, I’m ready to go. (Technically, everything that I got in the box set is painted, but I have some extras that need work. ) I have more to work on yet, and I keep tooling around with my army list, but what I have is going to easily slide into my overall plan. (Maybe I’ll update on that if I can keep the girlfriend away from the blog. Maybe I’ll update on that anyways, and use something else completely. I’m sneaky like that.)

Anyways, I did promise pictues, so here they are, Brother Sergeant Octavian and Lt. Varras.

Brother-Sergeant OctavianLt. Varras

Varras isn’t finished, however. I just don’t have a color I like for the canisters he is carrying. Otherwise, these two came out a lot better than my other Space Marines. I like the detail, considering that Varras is a one piece model, and the Sarge is only two. Normal Space Marines come in more pieces, so it’s easier to paint. (I have a Captain, but no real good pictures yet. Soon though.)

That’s all for now, I should get SOME sleep.