The Volyak XXI Rifles

2nd Company, with Attachments

I thought I’d show off my Guard army all in force.  I think that I need one more infantry model, as presently I have a single squad of remnants at 9-man strength.  I was thinking a medic.  More on this later.

All Guard 

The force has grown somewhat since I first set out on the project to re-do them all.  Mostly I’ve added infantry, mostly from spare pieces.  But I’ve also added the heavy mortars and the inquisitor squad, etc.  I’m pretty pleased with it’s size – certainly deserving of Apocalypse.  

Inquisitor and Greater Entourage 

I don’t pretend that the Inquisitor and retinue will add all that much to the force tactically, but in their defense they were built pretty exclusively for the self-build contest.

All together, the Volyak XXI Rifles, 2nd Company, Medium Infantry, consists of:

Company Command, Captain Karislov

-Advised by Commissar Greggory, Father Jakob, and guarded by Oon Tuffhide, staff and signal officers and veterans

-Company Command also includes the Light Support Platoon, which includes two fire support squads, an anti-tank squad, a mortar squad, a Cyclops Demolition Team, and a Chimera Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

The Company consists of three infantry platoons, two mobile and one semi-mobile

-Attached to the company platoons is a second Chimera IFV

-Each platoon is led by a lieutenant and equipped with various war materiel

From the Volyak XXI Rifles 9th Company, Armored, there are a number of attachments

-Mobile artillery support in the form of a Basilisk

-Medium reconnaissance in the form of a Salamander Scout

-Heavy armored support in the form of an expanded tank squadron

From the Artherian 4th PDF Combined Arms Regiment (disbanded) come further attachments

-Medium armored support in the form of an Elephant Mk I

-Light reconnaissance in the form of a Fast Attack Vehicle

-Immobile artillery support by a heavy mortar battery and an Earthshaker cannon artillery platform

-Attached general purpose infantry (standing militia)

Finally, there are a few Imperial attachments to add versatility and authority

-Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (mission codeword “Baron”) with personal combat retinue

-Imperial Stormtrooper squad, led by Lieutenant Stronoff

  It’s also rumored that an Imperial assassin has been operating in the vicinity…


All together it comes to 3754 points for 158 men and 15 vehicles.  I’ve done some Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) but the short version is: 1 inquisitor, 1 commissar, 1 priest, 2 captains, 7 lieutenants, 198 other ranks (this is counting the tank crews): 210 men total represented in this fighting detachment.  That’s pretty much it.  There is some room for expansion – not a lot, and I obviously still have plenty to paint – but some room.  More on that soon…


Artherian PDF

This weekend I finished painting what amounts to approximately one-seventh of my total Guard force, points wise. This section of my force is a hodge podge of local Planetary Defense Force elements that have been attached to this particular Imperial Guard Company/Regiment.

It’s by no means a complete or valid Force Organization Chart army, but it does have several different elements.
First, the Elephant Mk II support tank, as discussed a few posts before, comes in at around 155 points (using the old Vehicle Design Rules).
Second, the Hermes Fast Attack Vehicle, this model a wooden car I made in Industrial Tech class in 7th grade, using VDR is (an unfortunate) 75 points.
Third: an Earthshaker Platform, a good way to save yourself 50 points on an indirect firing piece of heavy artillery.
Fourth, the two heavy mortar units I built, as discussed previously, although I’m not sure when I’ll have the materials to build them some dedicated artillery crewmen. We’ll call these two together at around 100 points.
Fifth and finally, 10 Guardsmen with autogun and frag grenade equivalents. These models are just some models I got out of an old Vor: The Maelstrom box on a liquidation sale.

The painting scheme is actually very, very simple, and despite its lack of complexity I am pleased enough to move on to other projects. Undercoat: black. Bases are straight up Catachan Green. All models were started with a quick layer of Catachan Green, not completely solid or consistent. Over that went a very watery layer of Goblin Green, which looked very green when wet but dried rather nicely. Details were then picked out with Chaos Black, Dark Angels Green, Codex Grey, Boltgun Metal, Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh (to highlight the skin over the brown), Sunburst Yellow and Blood Red. The purple banding, signifying the PDF affiliation, was a simple marking of Liche Purple.
Here’s to the Glory of the Emperor.

Today I got 3 Packages from GW

No joke! First I got my advance orders with the 5th Edition Rulebook, Codex: Daemons, Apocalypse Reload, the boxed set of 5 Cadian snap-fit Guardsmen, and the special edition Space Marine Veteran Sergeant. Yes, some of those things came earlier than their release dates. Then we got two more packages, one for my brother and one for myself; they contained our winnings from the 40k Trivia Challenge; a box of Tau Fire Warriors and a box of Eldar Dire Avengers. Needless to say, I have quite a lot to read, build, convert and paint!

Citadel Boxed Sets and my first redone Tank

Citadel Boxed Sets and my first redone Tank

Also tonight I painted up my first Guard tank. It’s based heavily on some World War 2 tank kit I picked up a few years ago and converted. I figure it’s a locally-attached PDF armored vehicle, and hence the paint scheme is different than what my regiment will be. The purple identification banding designates it as an auxiliary attachment to the Imperial Guard. Using the old Vehicle Design Rules…

Artherian PDF Attached Armor
Model: Elephant Mk II Vehicle Name: “NasHorn”
Armor (F/S/R): 13/11/10 BS: 3
Type: Tank Crew: PDF Troopers
Weapons, Wargear: Turret-mounted long-barreled autocannon, hull-mounted heavy flamer, pintle-mounted heavy stubber, hunter killer missile, extra armor.

I figure it’s primarily for Apocalypse games. I have a squad of 10 soldiers I plan to paint up as PDF Troopers, so their paint scheme will be closer to this tank than to the Regiment’s colors.