Artherian PDF

This weekend I finished painting what amounts to approximately one-seventh of my total Guard force, points wise. This section of my force is a hodge podge of local Planetary Defense Force elements that have been attached to this particular Imperial Guard Company/Regiment.

It’s by no means a complete or valid Force Organization Chart army, but it does have several different elements.
First, the Elephant Mk II support tank, as discussed a few posts before, comes in at around 155 points (using the old Vehicle Design Rules).
Second, the Hermes Fast Attack Vehicle, this model a wooden car I made in Industrial Tech class in 7th grade, using VDR is (an unfortunate) 75 points.
Third: an Earthshaker Platform, a good way to save yourself 50 points on an indirect firing piece of heavy artillery.
Fourth, the two heavy mortar units I built, as discussed previously, although I’m not sure when I’ll have the materials to build them some dedicated artillery crewmen. We’ll call these two together at around 100 points.
Fifth and finally, 10 Guardsmen with autogun and frag grenade equivalents. These models are just some models I got out of an old Vor: The Maelstrom box on a liquidation sale.

The painting scheme is actually very, very simple, and despite its lack of complexity I am pleased enough to move on to other projects. Undercoat: black. Bases are straight up Catachan Green. All models were started with a quick layer of Catachan Green, not completely solid or consistent. Over that went a very watery layer of Goblin Green, which looked very green when wet but dried rather nicely. Details were then picked out with Chaos Black, Dark Angels Green, Codex Grey, Boltgun Metal, Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh (to highlight the skin over the brown), Sunburst Yellow and Blood Red. The purple banding, signifying the PDF affiliation, was a simple marking of Liche Purple.
Here’s to the Glory of the Emperor.

Constructing, Converting, Expanding

So I’ve been hard at work these last two or three days, and have accomplished many things. I cracked out all the blisters and boxed sets I could find, revealed my bitz box(es) and dug in.

Days of work, on film!

Days of work, on film!

What I built, alongside my brother:
1. 5 snap-together easy-fit Cadian Guardsmen (and based)
2. 4 metal Necron flayed ones
3. 10 new Eldar Dire Avengers (and based)
4. 12 Tau Firewarriors
5. 2 Tau (heavy) Gun Drones
6. 1 old Eldar Farseer (stripped of paint, rebuilt and based)
7. 1 old Eldar Falcon Grav Tank (refurbished after I found it in a closet)
8. 1 new Space Marine Veteran Sergeant (Web-exclusive)
9. Refurbished base on Ork Warboss
10. 2 Imperial Guard heavy mortars!

The 2 heavy mortars I feel deserve a particular explanation. Thanks to 40kOnline’s Armored Kangaroo, I had the inspiration and basic outline to build a heavy mortar using spare tank parts. Really Armored Kangaroo showed me how to do it entirely, and he deserves all the credit. This produced the mortar-like heavy mortar.

The second “heavy mortar” is more of a rocket battery that I converted after finding six of the old Hunter-Killer missiles in my bitz box. I think it works well enough as a “counts-as” heavy mortar.
Also on the list was my friend’s Warboss. His base needed some fixing up before we got into painting it, and so while I have him I went ahead and took a photograph. He’s pretty mean looking, and we’re both pretty proud of the bosspole. He’s a Blood Axe if you couldn’t tell…

Ork Warboss

Ork Warboss

And now that I’ve built the new Dire Avengers, refurbished the Falcon, and stripped and rebuilt the Farseer, my Eldar army is getting significant in size. Currently I value it in the 700-750 point range.

Iybraesil Eldar Aspect Strike Force

Iybraesil Eldar Aspect Strike Force

Also, just as a note to the Imperial Guard fans, this last week I’ve spent working on the PDF forces attached to my Regiment. In the next few days I expect to have them all finished and photographed and pictures will be put up here before long!

Today I got 3 Packages from GW

No joke! First I got my advance orders with the 5th Edition Rulebook, Codex: Daemons, Apocalypse Reload, the boxed set of 5 Cadian snap-fit Guardsmen, and the special edition Space Marine Veteran Sergeant. Yes, some of those things came earlier than their release dates. Then we got two more packages, one for my brother and one for myself; they contained our winnings from the 40k Trivia Challenge; a box of Tau Fire Warriors and a box of Eldar Dire Avengers. Needless to say, I have quite a lot to read, build, convert and paint!

Citadel Boxed Sets and my first redone Tank

Citadel Boxed Sets and my first redone Tank

Also tonight I painted up my first Guard tank. It’s based heavily on some World War 2 tank kit I picked up a few years ago and converted. I figure it’s a locally-attached PDF armored vehicle, and hence the paint scheme is different than what my regiment will be. The purple identification banding designates it as an auxiliary attachment to the Imperial Guard. Using the old Vehicle Design Rules…

Artherian PDF Attached Armor
Model: Elephant Mk II Vehicle Name: “NasHorn”
Armor (F/S/R): 13/11/10 BS: 3
Type: Tank Crew: PDF Troopers
Weapons, Wargear: Turret-mounted long-barreled autocannon, hull-mounted heavy flamer, pintle-mounted heavy stubber, hunter killer missile, extra armor.

I figure it’s primarily for Apocalypse games. I have a squad of 10 soldiers I plan to paint up as PDF Troopers, so their paint scheme will be closer to this tank than to the Regiment’s colors.

More on the Guard, Coming Soon!

This is my goal for this week, before the 4th of July weekend. Base and undercoat all of my Guard…and also all of my Eldar (Oh, the hobbyist’s primary weakness – distraction). Already completed: I’ve undercoated all of the Guard vehicles and tonight I hope to finish basing those who still need it.
My basing method is simple. On a clean base, I put some white glue on and spread it around with a toothpick. Then I dip the model in sand, let it sit a few moments with the entire base covered, then pull it off and knock off the extra sand. Let it dry, tap off anything loose, then on to painting. Undercoated black, the bases for my Guard are simply two coats of Goblin Green. Special characters have added debris (rocks, tank tracks, etc.) but by and large, I am pursuing simple bases for a largely simple army.

Ready for Phase 2

My workspace The first stripped model

After a long weekend of serious work, I have stripped all the models I deemed in need of paint removal, remodeled those that needed it, and reorganized my army list.  I also built two more troopers using spare Guardsmen bits and extra bases.  I am especially proud of one trooper, a shotgun-wielding Sergeant with intent in his motions.

Shotgun-toting This is what I\'m proud of

I was using Chameleon brand model paint remover for most of the work, and on all but my oldest and most difficult models it worked well.  I based my decision on which models to strip and which not to based on how worried I was about losing or obscuring any detail during phase 2: spray painting a new undercoat on the entire army.  With this in mind, I did not strip models with only a light undercoat, nor did I strip any vehicles.  I did, however, perform considerable maintenance on the armored sections of the army.  Part of the forceOn my Leman Russ Exterminator I replaced the old storm bolter with a new heavy stubber, and the old dozer blade with the new one.  I ripped the sponson heavy flamers off another Leman Russ, and gave it smoke launchers.  I modified one of the Chimeras to boast a heavy stubber, and changed a fast attack vehicle – based on a wooden car I made in shop class in middle school – to have different armament.  

2nd Company, Volyak 21, with attachments

The new organization comes to 3407 points total, and was based primarily on the models I had available to me.  The doctrines I selected are: Priests, Storm Trooper Squads, Special Weapon Squads, Iron Discipline, Sharpshooters.  The infantry are of 2nd Company, Volyak XXI Rifles and the armor from the Volyak XVII Armored.  Perhaps in another post I will go into the history and more in depth organization of the force.

So where does that leave me modeling wise?  In the previous image, you can see the sketch book where I have drawn uniform plans for the armor.  Here is a better picture:

Uniform styles .

Hopefully before long I will be able to start spray-painting this horde.  I have the black spray paint ready.  After that, I will have to start purchasing paints to start the long, serious painting.  Please comment with any questions, suggestions, etc.

Starting the Big Project

Today I have started work on the big project for the summer: stripping, remodeling, and repainting my 3500 point Imperial Guard Army.  I started collecting this army – my first Games Workshop modeling – when I was in 5th grade, and continued collecting them for maybe six years, alongside a smaller Space Marine force.  I have a smattering of different uniform themes – primarily Valhallan, Cadian (new and old), and Mordian – have till now followed a rather disgusting white, black, orange and grey color scheme (“winter urban camouflage” I imagined) that needs an update.  I’ve settled on a color scheme and worked some patterns for it, and I think it will turn out nicely.  Because of the differing uniform styles, it is critical to have a matching, consistent palette.  

Obviously, some of my army was never undercoated – thankfully including fully half of the vehicles in the force.  That’s the easiest part.  Stripping the white undercoated guardsmen should be all right, and it should be easy enough to get the painted ones as well.  I am most worried about the models I varnished – “the original 11” – but I am hopeful about it.

After stripping it all: remodeling some, then flocking, then undercoating.