Today I got 3 Packages from GW

No joke! First I got my advance orders with the 5th Edition Rulebook, Codex: Daemons, Apocalypse Reload, the boxed set of 5 Cadian snap-fit Guardsmen, and the special edition Space Marine Veteran Sergeant. Yes, some of those things came earlier than their release dates. Then we got two more packages, one for my brother and one for myself; they contained our winnings from the 40k Trivia Challenge; a box of Tau Fire Warriors and a box of Eldar Dire Avengers. Needless to say, I have quite a lot to read, build, convert and paint!

Citadel Boxed Sets and my first redone Tank

Citadel Boxed Sets and my first redone Tank

Also tonight I painted up my first Guard tank. It’s based heavily on some World War 2 tank kit I picked up a few years ago and converted. I figure it’s a locally-attached PDF armored vehicle, and hence the paint scheme is different than what my regiment will be. The purple identification banding designates it as an auxiliary attachment to the Imperial Guard. Using the old Vehicle Design Rules…

Artherian PDF Attached Armor
Model: Elephant Mk II Vehicle Name: “NasHorn”
Armor (F/S/R): 13/11/10 BS: 3
Type: Tank Crew: PDF Troopers
Weapons, Wargear: Turret-mounted long-barreled autocannon, hull-mounted heavy flamer, pintle-mounted heavy stubber, hunter killer missile, extra armor.

I figure it’s primarily for Apocalypse games. I have a squad of 10 soldiers I plan to paint up as PDF Troopers, so their paint scheme will be closer to this tank than to the Regiment’s colors.