I’ve been busy…

…but not on my Guard.  The Volyak XXI took a back seat lately while I finished a few other projects.  First, my brother and I worked on a year-old Battle for Skull Pass project, our only Warhammer work to date.

Dwarves versus Night Goblins  We had worked previously on assembling, basing, and painting all of the figures, and we purchased a few more to balance the forces.  In the end, there are two 722 Warhammer forces, the Dwarves outnumbered something like 4 to 1.  Those are the kinds of odds I – like Space Marines – like.  

Dwarves and Night Goblins

Night Goblins and Dwarves


I also got some models from other players: 4 Guardsmen and 10 brand new Dire Avengers.  Also, I had some “Broo” figurines sitting around, not sure from where.  The Dire Avengers formed the basis of my new Eldar Iybraesil army (later that night followed by a converted Autarch), the Broo became stand-in Kroot (some with weapon swaps), and the Guardsmen rounded out that pesky Remnants squad.  I also converted an old “tank rider” to be a Guardsman, and he is now one of my favorites in the army (I’m certain you’ll be able to locate him in the picture).

Some Dire Avengers and Guardsmen

After all of this, the next big project cropped up unexpectedly.  My brother and a friend and I were all in a mood for painting one night, my Guard hadn’t been undercoated, the Skull Pass was finished, etc.  So we cracked out my brother’s Tau Army and got to work.  Out of 1650 points approximately, only 350 had been painted.  Three days later, we had finished the army.    The color scheme worked out by my brother turned out really well.  For the Tau, over a black undercoat, Codex Grey and Shadow Grey, with Space Wolves Grey and other special colors, were used; for the Kroot, over a black undercoat, Shadow Grey and Bestial Brown were the main colors.




Not all of the Kroot models are Citadel – not all are Kroot even, certainly.  But ultimately I find that they work well together, especially with the cohesive color scheme.

And that is pretty much what I’ve been working on.  Having three fully completed armies (Dwarves, Night Goblins, and Tau) feels pretty good, and it’s also nice to have finished projects that have gone on for years.  The Tau models, for example, went back to the initial release of the first Codex.  Next up: basing and priming the new Eldar and all of the Guard.