The Volyak XXI Rifles

2nd Company, with Attachments

I thought I’d show off my Guard army all in force.  I think that I need one more infantry model, as presently I have a single squad of remnants at 9-man strength.  I was thinking a medic.  More on this later.

All Guard 

The force has grown somewhat since I first set out on the project to re-do them all.  Mostly I’ve added infantry, mostly from spare pieces.  But I’ve also added the heavy mortars and the inquisitor squad, etc.  I’m pretty pleased with it’s size – certainly deserving of Apocalypse.  

Inquisitor and Greater Entourage 

I don’t pretend that the Inquisitor and retinue will add all that much to the force tactically, but in their defense they were built pretty exclusively for the self-build contest.

All together, the Volyak XXI Rifles, 2nd Company, Medium Infantry, consists of:

Company Command, Captain Karislov

-Advised by Commissar Greggory, Father Jakob, and guarded by Oon Tuffhide, staff and signal officers and veterans

-Company Command also includes the Light Support Platoon, which includes two fire support squads, an anti-tank squad, a mortar squad, a Cyclops Demolition Team, and a Chimera Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

The Company consists of three infantry platoons, two mobile and one semi-mobile

-Attached to the company platoons is a second Chimera IFV

-Each platoon is led by a lieutenant and equipped with various war materiel

From the Volyak XXI Rifles 9th Company, Armored, there are a number of attachments

-Mobile artillery support in the form of a Basilisk

-Medium reconnaissance in the form of a Salamander Scout

-Heavy armored support in the form of an expanded tank squadron

From the Artherian 4th PDF Combined Arms Regiment (disbanded) come further attachments

-Medium armored support in the form of an Elephant Mk I

-Light reconnaissance in the form of a Fast Attack Vehicle

-Immobile artillery support by a heavy mortar battery and an Earthshaker cannon artillery platform

-Attached general purpose infantry (standing militia)

Finally, there are a few Imperial attachments to add versatility and authority

-Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (mission codeword “Baron”) with personal combat retinue

-Imperial Stormtrooper squad, led by Lieutenant Stronoff

  It’s also rumored that an Imperial assassin has been operating in the vicinity…


All together it comes to 3754 points for 158 men and 15 vehicles.  I’ve done some Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) but the short version is: 1 inquisitor, 1 commissar, 1 priest, 2 captains, 7 lieutenants, 198 other ranks (this is counting the tank crews): 210 men total represented in this fighting detachment.  That’s pretty much it.  There is some room for expansion – not a lot, and I obviously still have plenty to paint – but some room.  More on that soon…


Fruit’s of the Summer: Imperial Guard Showcase

This summer has been one of significant progress for me and my model armies. I finished two fantasy armies, finished a Tau Empire force, started an Eldar army, and worked intensely on my Imperial Guard’s overhaul. But as the summer winds down, I am forced to admit that the time has come for me to postpone further progress. On Sunday I head back to college, and I most likely will not make any project advancement until various vacations during the school year. To go out with a blogging bang, I’ve taken a hefty amount of pictures of my Imperial Guard army, which stands currently at 3579 points. Perhaps in the future I’ll write a post concerning the background and fluff of the force, and maybe the army list will also receive some form of publication. For now I will focus on the models.
The Guard army stands approximately half finished. I completed, thanks to the help of brothers and friends, 91 infantry models and 6 vehicles. This leaves 55 infantry models and 8 more vehicles to be painted. My Imperial Guard army is made up of three different sub-divisions. The first and largest is the group of units from the parent regiment(s): the Volyak XXI Rifles and the Volyak XVII Armored. Next are local Planetary Defense Force (PDF) units attached to the Volyak regiment from the Artherian 4th Combined Arms regiment. Last and numerically the least are the attachments from Imperial Command, namely a squad of storm troopers and an operative from the Officio Assassinorium.
Painting wise I started by taking care of all of the PDF units in the force, so we can start there, as well.
Pictured in some of the images above, too, are the two storm troopers I’ve finished, in a blue and white camouflage scheme.
Out of the regular regimental units we finished quite a lot of the basic infantry, one vehicle and a cyclops demolition team.
I used this “photoshoot” opportunity to pull out all of my Guard and organize them. It’s a pretty significant force, fit for Apocalypse-sized games (and those are about the only kind that can handle all of those models at once).

Was that an Ogryn Bodyguard back in there? Yes. Yes, it was.