Summer Painting Progress: Dystopian Russian, Firestorm Armada Alliance


More progress to report: six Russian Coalition frigates for Dystopian Wars, a Sorylian defense monitor for Firestorm: Armada, and a Syndicate battlecruiser also for my FS:A fleet.  Here are a few quick pictures.


The Sorylian defense monitor was a conversion using spare parts from the new Sorylian cruiser box, after building four heavy cruisers.  I am pretty happy with it – it is similar in size and aesthetic to my old Skyhammers, but noticeably different in several obvious ways.  I think it makes a good proxy for a fourth Skyhammer, allowing me to field a full squadron of Skyhammer cruisers, a full squadron of Kopis heavy cruisers, and a full squadron of Terran Sentinel cruisers simultaneously.  What a glorious game that would be!



The Spur class battlecruiser, pictured above, was painted using at least 9 layers of different washes and glazes.  I had mixed feelings about the results – I was going for a deep purple, but it came out dark and rusty looking.  However, the spray finish frosted on the edges of the model in a very interesting, aerodynamic way that I was surprisingly pleased with – it reduced the darkness of the model and gave it a cool sailing-through-the-void feel.  None of the pictures show this well; the frosting can be seen in the first three pictures of the post, while the fourth shows the ship before the finish was applied.  I rationalize the Spur is the private warship of a wealthy Terran senator, out touring the front lines.  The orange and turquoise marks on the top bow are campaign marks that tie it to the Sorylian and Terran fleet assets in the area.


These RC Novgorod frigates differ from my previous ones by not having brass or tin piping on some details, otherwise the scheme is the same.  I can now field four full squadrons of four frigates in Dystopian Wars!  I guess I should buy the 2.0 rulebook soon…

An update also came in today from an unexpected quarter, Waaagh! Og’Thall:



You can find more about Waaagh! Og’Thall, my Sorylian and Terran alliance fleet, and my Russian Coalition forces in old entries, using the drop down menu to the right – or by clicking on the terms at the end of this post.

New Work: Firestorm Armada Test & Gifts

Been working on a few things recently – two gifts to match a friend’s collections (one for his Orks and one for his Roshan gang!) and also on a Firestorm Armada test scheme for my Sorylians.  I am reasonably happy with it and will try it on a few more vessels before moving forward.  The release of the 2.0 rules for Firestorm Armada got me pretty excited, and I bit the bug!






Thank you GW Dublin

I have arrived back in the US, without getting the chance to say farewell to the guys at the GW store in Dublin.  So thank you for the assistance!

I think I might have set a new record for myself this summer.  I built, painted and sealed 44 models and built and primed another 2.

First, I started with a plastic Wight King, followed by some Skeleton Warriors (here and here).  Next I painted a Finecast Wight King Battle Standard Bearer, and then Isabella von Carstein.  Then, after quite a lot of work, I finished ten Grave Guard (here and here).  For Aaron’s birthday I painted ten Gretchin and a Runtherder in his Blood Axe scheme.  Finally, I finished ten more Skeleton Warriors, this time using a variety of Grave Guard bits to add some variety.  One of the skeletons I built instead as a Grave Guard.

The two models I built and primed are two Bretonnian Damsels, which have yet to be painted.


School starts again in less than two weeks.

Finished Gretchin (Pictures)

The secret project from a few weeks ago: a set of plastic Gretchin (and Runtherder) I painted up for my friend Aaron’s army (for his birthday!).  These were a real joy to build and paint, and I recommend this newer plastic set.  Then again I have a thing for Goblins I suppose.

New techniques I played up on these models a lot: washes, highlights, beady red eyes.


Wights in Dublin

So, I’m in Dublin for the summer.  I brought no hobby stuff over, so I am enjoying the process of buying everything new – new brushes, new paints, new models.  I couldn’t resist the Wight King model, and that’s led me to some Skeleton Warriors….so I guess this is becoming an all-Wight Sorcerous Pact for my Bretonnian Army.

Here are some pictures of the nearly-finished Wight King, using the new paints!  Also, a look at the undercoated Skeletons, and a few shots I took at the GW store – they have some nice tables here, and I especially liked the Ent in the woods (can you see him?) and the large Ork bastion structure.  Check it out.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghh! Og’Thall

This post is a little overdue.  During Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene I evacuated inland and southwards to a friend’s apartment – the same friend who previously painted an Ork Warboss and Kommando with Big Shoota years ago.  Aaron just recently got back into painting his Ork army.  It is based on the Assault on Black Reach boxed set, and has a strong Blood Axe theme.  He has been gracious enough to send several pictures of his Orks so far, and I think they look pretty awesome.

You may remember the first two (and finished) models, Warboss Og’Thall and Kommando Coco.  He may change the bases to Camo Green, however.

Aaron has been working on painting up his basic boyz (Ork boyz with sluggas and choppas, from the Assault on Black Reach set), and included this multi-angle shot essay of the first completed boy, codename “Weapon X.”

He also included this short of his “Front Nine” – the first 9 boyz he has been painting in one batch.  There will be more updates soon!

In other news, my brothers and I have almost finished painting our 2300 points of Tau and Kroot – and I mean completely finished, final touch-ups, flocking, and varnishing, and everything.  Expect a post on that soon!  Also, we hope to take up to 800 points of those Tau down to visit Aaron and Oggie and play a small escalation campaign…  More soon.