Dystopian Wars Mercenaries: Homebrew Rules / Force Guide Download

I’ve shown you the ships – now check out the rules so far.  I drafted this Force Guide in the style of Spartan’s official ones.  I’m calling it version 0.85 – still needs playtesting, and maybe another “large” ship added.  Here is the download link:


I am very interested to know what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment below, or check out the related threads on the Spartan forums or on ManBattlestations.com!


Dystopian Wars Mercenary Fleet Picture Gallery

Introducing – at least in more detail – the Canons de Zibeline

JackOLanterns04This is my mercenary fleet so far, the so-called “Jack-O-Lantern” company.  These first eleven vessels represent the original incarnation of the company, which has since expanded to include additional warships (not yet painted).



The company so far consists of two combat escorts, three super destroyers, and six pocket cruisers.  I will put up my homebrew rules for these before long.


The ships come from a variety of sources, so I made sure to keep the color scheme very consistent.  Essentially: black spray primer, two coats of GW’s Blazing Orange on the hulls, Averland Sunset for the “roofs,” Chainmail for glacis and gun superstructures, Graveyard Earth for wood, Chaos Black for any armament, and then a heavy dose of Agrax Earthshade, followed up by some Krylon matte finish.





Here is some background for the Canons de Zibeline:

Founded by Enslow Walker in 1868 with only a single ship and an overstrength crew of volunteers, the Canons de Zibeline (C.d.Z.) mercenary company has thrived on the current world war.  By the summer of 1872 they boast several dozen ships available for hire.  Walker has garnered a growing fortune by a combination of security contracts, smuggling deals, legitimate trade, and even some piracy, albeit mostly of other non-state actors, careful not to offend too many potential clients.  “Commander” Walker maintains control over an exceptionally diverse force of guns-for-hire through business acumen, personal charisma, and, at times, ruthless violence.

Walker himself was born near Quebec in 1833, the son of a French-Canadian mother and a Scottish father.  By the age of 15 he was a full sailor, and became a veteran of ship to ship combat by the age of 19.  He founded the C.d.Z. at the age of 35, striking out on his own in the vast Pacific Ocean.  Creating a base of operations somewhere in the south Pacific, his mercenary company is available to hire.

The mercenaries were given the sobriquet “the Jack-O-Lantern company” by derisive Federated States naval officers, playing off the distinctive orange-yellow-black color scheme.  The company’s official name derives from their practice of painting all weaponry a sooty black, ordered by Walker for apocryphal reasons.

The hirable strength of the C.d.Z. consists of a variety of classes:

– Large capitol ships vary considerably in the C.d.Z., such as an Olympic class troop transport liner converted to a flotilla command vessel

-Pocket cruisers, Britannian-sourced armored barges customized with Empire of the Blazing Sun weaponry

-Super destroyers of an unknown origin, boasting twin turret load-outs

-Combat escorts, created from captured Chinese federation frigates

-Attack frigates, bought, rebuilt, and/or stolen from Danish manufacturers

-Scout corvettes, up-armored and up-gunned from civilian vessels

The C.d.Z. also has limited access to conventional aeroplanes, older generations of fighter and reconnaissance pattern produced in the Federated States of America.


Summer Painting Progress: Dystopian Russian, Firestorm Armada Alliance


More progress to report: six Russian Coalition frigates for Dystopian Wars, a Sorylian defense monitor for Firestorm: Armada, and a Syndicate battlecruiser also for my FS:A fleet.  Here are a few quick pictures.


The Sorylian defense monitor was a conversion using spare parts from the new Sorylian cruiser box, after building four heavy cruisers.  I am pretty happy with it – it is similar in size and aesthetic to my old Skyhammers, but noticeably different in several obvious ways.  I think it makes a good proxy for a fourth Skyhammer, allowing me to field a full squadron of Skyhammer cruisers, a full squadron of Kopis heavy cruisers, and a full squadron of Terran Sentinel cruisers simultaneously.  What a glorious game that would be!



The Spur class battlecruiser, pictured above, was painted using at least 9 layers of different washes and glazes.  I had mixed feelings about the results – I was going for a deep purple, but it came out dark and rusty looking.  However, the spray finish frosted on the edges of the model in a very interesting, aerodynamic way that I was surprisingly pleased with – it reduced the darkness of the model and gave it a cool sailing-through-the-void feel.  None of the pictures show this well; the frosting can be seen in the first three pictures of the post, while the fourth shows the ship before the finish was applied.  I rationalize the Spur is the private warship of a wealthy Terran senator, out touring the front lines.  The orange and turquoise marks on the top bow are campaign marks that tie it to the Sorylian and Terran fleet assets in the area.


These RC Novgorod frigates differ from my previous ones by not having brass or tin piping on some details, otherwise the scheme is the same.  I can now field four full squadrons of four frigates in Dystopian Wars!  I guess I should buy the 2.0 rulebook soon…

An update also came in today from an unexpected quarter, Waaagh! Og’Thall:



You can find more about Waaagh! Og’Thall, my Sorylian and Terran alliance fleet, and my Russian Coalition forces in old entries, using the drop down menu to the right – or by clicking on the terms at the end of this post.

Summer Painting Progress: Dystopian Canadian Land Forces



My first painting log update!  I have managed to paint up a good portion (less than half by far, though…) of my summer goal, namely: set of Uncharted Seas walls and towers (4 of each); a set of Dominion of Canada Wolfe class Medium Tanks for Dystopian Wars (6); a Terrier Ironclad Tiny Tank token for DW.  I took some pictures after the finish dried.






The wall set, although originally from Uncharted Seas, I think will go well as terrain or a fortress in Dystopian Wars, on land or sea.  I painted them rather plainly (and quickly) so they could be used in a variety of roles.  I am definitely happy with the quality of the models.





Here you can see detail of the two non-standard units in this batch – the HMCS “Logan” command Wolfe (note the blue and yellow markings) and the Ironclad “Red Barchetta” (hopefully it is obvious which one this is).  The themes shall continue in the next batch.





The ubiquitous aquarium terrain included for flair.


A brilliant “Red Barchetta” from a better managed time.

And here’s a sneak peek of more to come in the (hopefully near) future: