How to Do Dystopian Wars Ships

Here’s a quick guide on how to get your Dystopian Wars ships (or other resin wargaming models) out of their boxes and blisters, assembled, painted, and ready to sink-and-be-sunk on the tabletops in your immediate vicinity!

STEP 0: Remove from packaging.

A sharpened edge might be required.

STEP 1: Remove flash and mold lines.  

I prefer to use an eXacto knife and a pair of hobby clippers for this stage, removing any excess resin or metal from the cast components.  Be sure not to inhale any of the detritus you create.


STEP 2: Wash the models.

This step is very important for removing the lubricant used to extricate the models from the mold.  I use warm (NOT hot) water and Dawn dish soap.  I let them sit for a moment before scrubbing them with my fingers and rinsing in lukewarm water.  It is important that the water not be too hot or it could deform the resin models.


STEP 3: Let dry.

Be patient!

STEP 4: Construction.

Using super glue, put any multi-part models together.  It is up to you if you would rather paint some part of the models (sub-assemblies) before the final gluing, but I personally like to glue everything together – even turrets, forever adhered one position – at this stage.  Note: following this step is a good time to set up your new models for thematic photos.

IMG_4176 IMG_4175

STEP 5: Undercoat.

In weather that is not too cold and not too hot, and especially not too humid, spray paint your models outside.  I use a matte black spray primer.

IMG_4197  IMG_4198IMG_4199

STEP 6: Get to painting.

The fun and/or most tedious step.  Paint those suckers!

IMG_4206 IMG_4212 IMG_4208

STEP 7: Seal ’em up.

These days, I am quick to seal my models with a matte finish.  I don’t want to doubt myself too long about whether the models are actually finished being painted or not!  Better to move on to the next project.  As with other sprays, avoid humidity when spraying.  Also, don’t forget to take pictures.


STEP 8: Play.

Get your new models on the table!

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