Picture Gallery: Three-player DZC Game

Last Saturday three of us got together and got a couple of games of DZC in at the Hobby Bunker.  I took a fair number of pictures and wanted to post them here to continue coverage of my foray into Dropzone Commander.

Prequel: UCM vs PHR

First up, Seb and Brian played a quick 800 point game, UCM versus PHR.  I only took a few pictures but it is a nice lead in to our three-player battle.



Main Battle: PHR vs Resistance-UCM force, 1300 points

The main show was the largest DZC game any of us had played.  We united my 800 point Resistance force – finished painted the night before (they do still need touch ups and sealing) – with a small 450-500ish points UCM detachment, and faced off against a sizable 1300ish point PHR army (using some Scourge Destroyers to represent Sirens).  We adopted some simple rules to make the three-player format seem more fair: first, all Resistance units had to deploy/activate before any UCM ones could; second, the allied forces could not use command cards or commander values on each other’s forces; third, play fast (we wanted to get in as much of the game as we could before the store closed for the day).


My 800 point Resistance army included two stands of Freeriders and a level 3 commander.


The game revolved around three objectives and two focal points.  It was a fun match up that involved a lot of maneuver – followed by a lot of combat.  PHR lived up to their reputation.






That Kleenex represents smart smoke fired by the Longbows.

TwoGames19TwoGames20  TwoGames21

One of the more memorably moments was a successful use of Weapon Hack to do….no damage (at point blank range!).  Those Hannibals are tough!

TwoGames22TwoGames23 TwoGames24TwoGames25         TwoGames26

The main show was definitely the huge exotics combat for the central objective.  Two bases of sirens (they might look like Destroyers in the pictures) versus two bases of Praetorians…. then two bases of Legionnaires, then four bases of Resistance fighters!  In the end, we had to wrap up the game before the objective could get off the board with either side – but it was a lot of dice rolling.

TwoGames27    TwoGames28      TwoGames29

It was a lot of fun.  The main takeaway for me, however, was that I really need another Lifthawk for the Alexander!  It did very little this entire game thanks to its movement value.  The Freeriders performed well, and used their sticky mines to good effect.  Looking forward to the next game!

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