DZC Progress Gallery: Finished Jackson Halftracks

Over the past few weeks I have been expanding my Dropzone Commander Resistance army.



The main additions were the starter army set and a blister of Freeriders, bought on the cheap from Dicehead Games in Cleveland, Tennessee.  I also picked up the Resistance Command Cards set.

Last night I finally sat down and set about washing, cleaning, and building the many units of the starter army.  All came in excellent condition.





I know it is oft said, but the detail on these models is really spectacular.  The Lifthawks are even bigger than I expected, and I really love that the Gun Wagons actually fit inside the Kraken hovercraft.  Well-executed, Hawk. (NB: Pictures above do not include the infantry or Freeriders.  I’m saving them for another date.)

Today I finished painting the Jackson Halftrack APCs (unit name: the Jackson Park Express).  I also settled on a marking scheme for my force, and added it to the Alexander Command tank featured in the last post.










Make sure you take a look at those undercarriages – very detailed!

I am enjoying the rapid painting progress with this color scheme.  I have not sealed any of the models yet, and may revisit them if I decide to change something, but I am still feeling satisfied with the messily applied camo scheme, offset by almost-subtle detail work.

I am looking forward to getting some games in before too long, too!

2 responses to “DZC Progress Gallery: Finished Jackson Halftracks

  1. Hi, I found your post on the hawk forum. It’s great to see another one starting with dzc and especially the resistance faction.
    Are you planning to magnetize your vehicles to put them under your lifthawks? I haven’t bought the army pack yet and I’m interested in the question, if the Jacksons really fit under the lifthawk completely.


    • Hey! I have been very impressed with the detail and functionality of the resistance models. I am not planning to magnetize them, but I have dryfit them repeatedly and I am sure they fit! Maybe try 4mm magnets when you get the set.
      See you on the forum!

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