Dystopian Wars Mercenary Fleet Picture Gallery

Introducing – at least in more detail – the Canons de Zibeline

JackOLanterns04This is my mercenary fleet so far, the so-called “Jack-O-Lantern” company.  These first eleven vessels represent the original incarnation of the company, which has since expanded to include additional warships (not yet painted).



The company so far consists of two combat escorts, three super destroyers, and six pocket cruisers.  I will put up my homebrew rules for these before long.


The ships come from a variety of sources, so I made sure to keep the color scheme very consistent.  Essentially: black spray primer, two coats of GW’s Blazing Orange on the hulls, Averland Sunset for the “roofs,” Chainmail for glacis and gun superstructures, Graveyard Earth for wood, Chaos Black for any armament, and then a heavy dose of Agrax Earthshade, followed up by some Krylon matte finish.





Here is some background for the Canons de Zibeline:

Founded by Enslow Walker in 1868 with only a single ship and an overstrength crew of volunteers, the Canons de Zibeline (C.d.Z.) mercenary company has thrived on the current world war.  By the summer of 1872 they boast several dozen ships available for hire.  Walker has garnered a growing fortune by a combination of security contracts, smuggling deals, legitimate trade, and even some piracy, albeit mostly of other non-state actors, careful not to offend too many potential clients.  “Commander” Walker maintains control over an exceptionally diverse force of guns-for-hire through business acumen, personal charisma, and, at times, ruthless violence.

Walker himself was born near Quebec in 1833, the son of a French-Canadian mother and a Scottish father.  By the age of 15 he was a full sailor, and became a veteran of ship to ship combat by the age of 19.  He founded the C.d.Z. at the age of 35, striking out on his own in the vast Pacific Ocean.  Creating a base of operations somewhere in the south Pacific, his mercenary company is available to hire.

The mercenaries were given the sobriquet “the Jack-O-Lantern company” by derisive Federated States naval officers, playing off the distinctive orange-yellow-black color scheme.  The company’s official name derives from their practice of painting all weaponry a sooty black, ordered by Walker for apocryphal reasons.

The hirable strength of the C.d.Z. consists of a variety of classes:

– Large capitol ships vary considerably in the C.d.Z., such as an Olympic class troop transport liner converted to a flotilla command vessel

-Pocket cruisers, Britannian-sourced armored barges customized with Empire of the Blazing Sun weaponry

-Super destroyers of an unknown origin, boasting twin turret load-outs

-Combat escorts, created from captured Chinese federation frigates

-Attack frigates, bought, rebuilt, and/or stolen from Danish manufacturers

-Scout corvettes, up-armored and up-gunned from civilian vessels

The C.d.Z. also has limited access to conventional aeroplanes, older generations of fighter and reconnaissance pattern produced in the Federated States of America.


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