Summer Painting Progress: Dystopian Canadian Land Forces



My first painting log update!  I have managed to paint up a good portion (less than half by far, though…) of my summer goal, namely: set of Uncharted Seas walls and towers (4 of each); a set of Dominion of Canada Wolfe class Medium Tanks for Dystopian Wars (6); a Terrier Ironclad Tiny Tank token for DW.  I took some pictures after the finish dried.






The wall set, although originally from Uncharted Seas, I think will go well as terrain or a fortress in Dystopian Wars, on land or sea.  I painted them rather plainly (and quickly) so they could be used in a variety of roles.  I am definitely happy with the quality of the models.





Here you can see detail of the two non-standard units in this batch – the HMCS “Logan” command Wolfe (note the blue and yellow markings) and the Ironclad “Red Barchetta” (hopefully it is obvious which one this is).  The themes shall continue in the next batch.





The ubiquitous aquarium terrain included for flair.


A brilliant “Red Barchetta” from a better managed time.

And here’s a sneak peek of more to come in the (hopefully near) future:


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