FS:A – Sorylians vs. Dindrenzi, 800 points (picture gallery)

Fought a decent game against a very skilled Dindrenzi opponent yesterday.  The invaders won with a final battle log score of +9 (Din) to +4 (Sor).  Overall, both sides had pretty unimpressive dice successes for the entire game.  We randomly selected the “Capture the Station” mission.


Here’s a low quality shot of the 800 point fleet I used for the battle.  Later we found out we could turn the lights on…  The Sentinel class here, as usual, was being used as a fourth Skyhammer.



The store let us use a space station to act as the Ghost Station for the scenario.  It looks pretty sweet, right?  For the entire game my battlestation guarded it closely.  This was the third game (out of three!) where my battlestation took no damage (and earned less than half its points back).




The fleets at the start of the battle.  I tried to make use of cover, but that advantage did not last long.  The Dindrenzi fleet consisted of a Praetorian Battleship, a Claymore carrier with bombers and two escorts, three Trident destroyers, three Hammer frigates, and four Dindrenzi corvettes.



This battle was the first time I faced any SRS – and they are vicious.  Even when they were shot down or rolling mediocre hits, the bombers terrorized everything they came across.  I guess I am going to have to invest in escorts or carriers of my own after all.  Maybe a pair of Hasta…





This picture sums up, for me, how I feel about this particular game.  This should have been a wonderful moment of celebration, as my Swordbreaker, albeit wounded, pulled into the vulnerable, blind rear of the damaged Praetorian and let loose with its weapon-shielded starboard scatter cannon, torpedoes, and anything else the crew could fire.  The result: a single point of damage, and only barely.  In the following activations, the enemy corvettes (proxied here by the Directorate ships) swung around and destroyed my battleship.  Maybe I should start running twin Swordbreakers.




The remaining Skyhammers tried to swing around the planet to finish off the corvettes and/or Praetorian (which by this point was at half damage!), but – as was pointed out to me after the game – it would have been better to pull a tight turn and finish off the Claymore.  At the end of the game the Tridents pulled around the moon and started sniping in the cruisers’ vulnerable sector.

Lesson learned: damn the Dindrenzi.

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