Firestorm Armada: Fleet Finished (Terran/Sorylian)

Today I finished the rest of my Firestorm Armada fleet, in preparation for my first games with it tomorrow!  I continued the Sorylian orange and white scheme but experimented with the Terran Sentinel class cruisers.

With these models, I can confidently run fleets as small as 500 points* or – at a stretch – as large as 1200 points.  I will post after the games tomorrow!

* – At 500 points, the fleet would only include some of the models.  Tomorrow at 500 points I will run an up-shielded Swordbreaker class Battleship, three Skyhammer class cruisers, and five Scythe class frigates.  At 1200 points I basically run all the models with the most expensive upgrading possible, and with my 6th frigate as an escort.  It wouldn’t be very efficient – but I’m betting it will be fun!

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