NECROMUNDA: Faction background, “Tepatican Exiles”

The Tepatican Exiles

Narrowly missing reentry into Cleora’s first district, Tepatica, during the war, watching the massive doors were shut in front of them, the Tepatican Exiles have been stuck right outside their friends’ and families’ walls ever since.  Having established very limited communication with their contacts on the inside, the Exiles have been fortunate enough to be loaded with food, supplies, armor, and, most importantly, weapons.  Having grown up without any need, the Exiles are by no means a hardened clan.  Their only desire is to survive long enough for reentry into the Tepatica and are banded together by their shared desire to return to the first district.  Unfortunately, several of the other clans are not as well supplied – or nourished – and want nothing more than to raid the Tepaticans’ stores and steal their supplies.  The Exiles have been forced to fight back and defend themselves.   They have fortified their camp with their back against the section of the wall closest to their family home, and only leave the area to pursue other factions after attack.  After being the victim of several attacks and losing members of their clan, the Exiles are learning quickly that they have to be more hardened to those outside of their clan.  They have set up significant defenses and are becoming more willing to eliminate those who pose a threat.

Tepatican Exiles Equipment List


Knife (first knife is free) … 5


Laspistol … 15

Bolt pistol … 20


Lasgun … 25

Bolt gun … 35


Flamer … 40

Grenade Launcher (grenades separate) … 130


Heavy Stubber … 120

Heavy Bolter … 180

Missile Launcher (missiles separate) … 185

Leader Only

Sword … 10


Partial Mesh … 34

Full Flak … 38

Full Mesh (Leader only) … 85

Other Equipment

Frag Grenades … 30

Krak Grenades … 50

Frag Missiles … 35

Krak Missiles … 115


Tepatican Exiles Experience Table
Juves: Agility, Stealth
Gangers: Agility, Stealth, Techno
Heavies: Agility, Shooting, Stealth, Techno
Leader: Agility, Combat, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth, Techno
(c) CAC

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