NECROMUNDA Gang: Gang List & Lots of Pictures!

Just in time for Halloween, I have finally finished painting my Starscabs gang (the “Marked Makers”) for our Cleora campaign on the planet of Roshan (using the Necromunda rules).  I kept the color palette rather limited and bland, as I felt it would more accurately indicate the war-torn, blasted wasteland that is the Cleoran outer districts.  I’ve shown two models previously, but here is the full seven-member gang.  (NOTE: Background and rules for the Starscabs can be found using the “Roshan” or “Necromunda” categories with the drop-down menu on the right side of the page.)

While some may claim they look like Slaaneshi-aligned Guardsmen, or even some type of Chaos Cultists, I can assure you they believe they are true servants of the Emperor, working to unite Cleora under their new philosophy!

One of my goals when painting this gang was to experiment with a variety of skin tones, and I feel pretty happy about how they turned out.  Notes on each model’s painting are included in the rundown below.

The Marked Makers

Starscabs Gang Roster

Cleora Campaign; Roshan

The Cleora Campaign is using some altered rules to begin the campaign, primarily cost increases to rare equipment, a higher prevalence of armor, and decreased starting size.  Starting credits was decreased to 750, and starting territories decreased to only four.  Equipment cost changes can be found in other posts on this blog.

The Marked Makers gang, of Clan Starscab, has a starting Gang Rating of 928.  Under its control currently are two Old Ruins, one Slag Pit, and one Spore Cave.  It has seven members and 22 credits saved in its stash.  Here is a rundown of the individual gang members.

+Leader: Lyphel 

+Female, unknown age



+ Lyphel starts with 64 experience, and carries: a knife, a shotgun (with Man-stopper shells), a sword, frag grenades, and wears partial flak armor.  She has the Leader skill, no current injuries, and a basic Leader stat-line.

+ Lyphel was the first gang member I painted, and I ended up very happy with the highlighting on the black trenchcoat.  Conversions are minor.  Lyphel has a rich brown skin color.

+Heavy: Gazn

+Male, unknown age



+ Gazn starts with 62 experience and wears improvised armor (a new category for the Cleora Campaign).  He carries only a knife (or is it a hammer?) and a heavy stubber.

+ For Gazn I wanted to try for a more “yellow” skin tone, and I am pretty happy with the result.

+Ganger: Arza

+Male, age 31 (Terran standard)



+ Arza starts with 26 experience and carries a knife, autorifle, and bears improvised armor.

+ The Chaos Cultist model that represents Arza was a major influence for the creation of the Starscabs and their background.  I especially like the rebreather mask and autorifle on this model, and I am also glad how the paint on the cowl turned out.

+Ganger: Fiulet

+Female, age 40 (Terran standard)



+ Fiulet starts with 25 experience and weighs into combat with a mace, an autopistol, and a knife, protected by improvised armor.

+ Somehow, the barrel-magazine for the autopistol does not look too out of place on this model.  For Fiulet I wanted to attempt a more “red” skin tone than the basic GW flesh paints, but I have mixed feelings about the result.  If there is any noticeable difference, I am afraid it was not really captured by my camera.

+Ganger: Ergane

+Unknown gender, unknown age



+ The ganger known as Ergane starts with 23 experience in the Cleora Campaign.  Ergane carries a knife (strapped to) an autorifle and is protected by improvised armor.

+ Ergane’s skin tone was an attempt to do a different type of brown skin than on the other members of the gang.  In the end, I really like how it turned out, even though it came out rather orange.  My favorite part of this model is the straight box magazine for the autorifle, painted in a tin and brass scheme.

+Juve: Eill

+Male, age 17 (Terran standard)



+ Eill, like all Juves, begins the campaign with no experience.  He carries a knife and a stubber with dum-dum bullets.

+ Eill was the second model I painted for the gang, and has a similar skin tone to Lyphel.  This Cawdor Juve model fits in very well with the Cultists, thanks to the cowl (and a matching paint scheme), but his arms and legs are terribly thin.  I hope he can put on some more weight during the campaign!

+Juve: Sonas

+Male, age 20 (Terran standard)



+ Sonas begins with no experience and carries only a knife and an autopistol.

+ Something is wrong with Sonas.  Scarred, twisted, with a brass faceplate grafted to his skull and jaw.  Clearly he has been deeply effected by the war.  But how has he survived this long?

That’s the Marked Makers!  More on Cleora soon!

Happy Halloween!


I guess they are in some park of rock sculptures in the city?

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