NECROMUNDA: Faction Background, “The Aviary”

The Aviary 

A roving band mostly of Kroot, with some humans mixed in (who would probably only be present in the largest skirmishes), this faction is commonly called “the Aviary” by other factions.  They are from a slummy area of the not-quite-hive-city, where the authorities were not able to go often enough to keep it clear of xenos.  The Kroot there have been there for generations, and the people of the area are not even aware of species differences – or at least have found ways to survive together.  The gang is basically fourth- or fifth-generation rabble, cast-outs from poor households and orphans who gathered together for safety in numbers.  They are not good or bad, just amoral, and scuffle with other bands over the resources to take care of their own.  The neighborhood was devastated in the war, releasing them more or less as a hunter-gatherer pack wherever they have to go.

The Aviary Equipment List

[-Weapon … cost in credits]


-Knife (first knife is free) … 5

-Chain/flail … 10


-Stub gun … 10

-Autopistol … 15

-Bolt pistol … 20


-Musket … 7

-Autogun … 20

-Shotgun … 20

-Boltgun … 35


-Grenade Launcher … 130


-Heavy stubber … 120

-Heavy bolter … 180

-Autocannon … 330

Leader Only

-Sword … 10


-Improvised … 13

-Partial Mesh armor (leader only) … 34

Other Equipment

-Dum Dum bullets … 5

-Manstopper shells … 5

-Frag grenades … 30

-Krag grenades … 50

The Aviary Skills Experience Table

Juves: Agility, Ferocity

Gangers: Agility, Ferocity, Stealth

Heavies: Agility, Ferocity, Muscle, Techno

Leader: Agility, Combat, Ferocity, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth

(c) KPC 2012/3

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