NECROMUNDA: Faction Background, “Clan Hohlovia”

Clan Hohlovia

This faction values human life above all else.  It bears insignias of human vitality, especially the symbols of water, fertile soil, light, and blood (vis-a-vis. the colors blue, green, yellow, and red).  It tends to prefer close combat skirmishes, and travels in packs.  Trade is not important to this faction, instead it tends to seek out resources for prolonging human life (food and water, medical equipment, armor).  It is very unlikely to pursue retreating soldiers and also does not value authority, so has not had many strong leaders (and does not benefit from leadership bonuses in battle).  Hohlovians tend to use all variety of hand-to-hand weaponry.  Chainswords are the most extravagant of these.  Pistols are often also used as a secondary weapon.  Occasionally bigger weapons such as shotguns are also used if the Hohlovian is traveling alone.  Hohlovians value light armor and most have some form of light armor protection.

Hohlovia Equipment List

[-Weapon … cost in credits]


-Knife (first knife is free) … 5

-Club/maul/bludgeon … 10

-Massive axe/club/sword … 10

-Sword … 10

-Chain/flail … 10

-Chainsword … 25


-Stub gun … 10

-Bolt pistol … 20


-Boltgun … 35


-Improvised … 13

-Partial flak … 16

-Partial mesh … 34

Other Equipment

-Dum Dum bullets … 5

-Krag grenades … 50

Hohlovia Skills Experience Table

Juves: Agility, Stealth

Gangers: Agility, Combat, Stealth

Heavies: Agility, Combat, Stealth, Techno

Leader: Agility, Combat, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth, Techno

(c) AMW 2012/3

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