DW: Taking out the Merc Company

Lately I have been working on some Dystopian Wars Pirate/Mercenary rules, and I got to try out my playtest rules with Ruckdog.  He has posted a battle report over on ManBattleStations.com, but here is a picture of dump of all the action.  We played his finely painted Prussians versus my unpainted Merc company ships.  It was fun, but in the end there are many changes that need to happen to both the Merc ships and the scenario!  I’ll be posting more about the Merc/Pirate ships on the ManBattleStations.com forum.

DWMercenariesConvoy01 DWMercenariesConvoy02 DWMercenariesConvoy03 DWMercenariesConvoy04 DWMercenariesConvoy05 DWMercenariesConvoy06 DWMercenariesConvoy07 DWMercenariesConvoy08 DWMercenariesConvoy09 DWMercenariesConvoy10 DWMercenariesConvoy11 DWMercenariesConvoy12 DWMercenariesConvoy13

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