NECROMUNDA: Faction Background, “Clan Starscab”

Clan Starscab

(“Scabs” or “Scabbies” in local parlance)


“War came from the stars.  They think they know how to pick up the pieces.”

The Starscabs come from a particularly war-torn area of the city.  Fierce battles ravaged their homes, and many in the area were left with loss of home, family, livelihood, direction.  The Starscabs are followers of an indigenous philosophy known as the Deepening.  Followers of the Deepening love the Emperor, but mistrust the Imperium; their spiritual worship of the Master of Mankind is personal and full of devotion, but the war has left them doubting the institutions of His empire (which are run by fallible men).  Followers of this philosophic spirituality generally have little comprehension of the galactic scale of the Imperium, or of the threats that face it.  Still, they are driven to unite the people of this blasted city to rebuild together and start anew.  Clan members often carry trinkets in the shape of stars or shuriken as a representation of their beliefs.

{INQUISITIONAL NOTE: multi-pointed star iconography mixed with distrust of Imperial institutions may suggest a low-grade Chaos cult.  Agents to remain in observation for signs of heresy. =][= }

The Starscabs are scavengers with a predilection for improvised body armor and solid slug weaponry.  In combat they are not known for marksmanship, but prefer short-to-medium-range firefights, although they often engage in hand-to-hand as necessary.  Autopistols, autoguns, stub guns, shotguns and heavy stubbers are common weapons carried by this clan.  They often cover their faces, either to hide scars and disfigurements from the war, or to mark themselves as anonymous servants of the Emperor’s Love, most commonly following the total loss of close family members.  Rebreathers, gas masks and hoods are common dress, even if the devices do not function correctly, or at all.  All those harmed by the “war from the stars” are welcomed in the Starscabs (so long as they are found in desire of the Deepening), including men and women, cleanborn and mutants, the gruesome and the beautiful, former soldiers, former criminals, injured, wounded, bitter, magnanimous: it is an inclusive vision for the future of the city.

Starscabs Equipment List

[-Weapon … cost in credits]


-Knife (first knife is free) … 5

-Club/maul/bludgeon … 10

-Chain/flail … 10


-Autopistol … 15

-Stub gun … 10


-Autogun … 20

-Shotgun … 20


-Flamer … 40

-Grenade launcher … 130 (grenades not included)


-Heavy stubber … 120

-Heavy bolter … 180

-Autocannon … 330

Leader Only

-Hand flamer … 15

-Sword … 10

-Massive club/axe … 10


-Improvised … 13

-Partial flak … 16

-Full flak (leader only) … 38

Other Equipment

-Dum Dum bullets … 5

-Manstopper shells … 5

-Frag grenades … 30

-Krag grenades … 50

Starscabs Skills Experience Table

Juves: Shooting, Stealth

Gangers: Shooting, Stealth, Techno

Heavies: Ferocity, Muscle, Shooting, Techno

Leader: Agility, Ferocity, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth, Techno

I claim copyright for original work above: © Ian Cross 2013

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