Dystopian Wars at the Williamsburg Muster

This weekend was the Williamsburg Muster, a historical wargaming conference held in Williamsburg, Virginia.  I met up with Mad Dr. B and The Ruckdog and got two games in.



The first game was a 1000 point match between my Russian Coalition fleet and the Mad Doc’s Empire of the Blazing Sun. This ended up running like a demo game for interested conference attendees on Friday night, and we only got about two and a half turns finished before we closed down at midnight.  It was a good refresher, though – the Russian Battleship (Borodino Class) took a hellacious amount of punishment but went down in Turn 2, but the rest of my fleet was unscathed to that point.  I gained more respect for cruisers, and on Friday suffered a loss of respect for destroyers.  All the Rostov class models seem to do is sink.  It was a fun game and ended with a mass boarding action against the Japanese war gyro.  Although the Russian Coalition eked out a victory when we called the game early, I think it might have ended up differently had we played several more turns….

(I only took one picture of the first game.  It’s above.)

The second game was a large four player battle.  We split into two teams – Russian Coalition and Republique de France versus a large air and naval Empire of the Blazing Sun combined fleet – that were each 1600 points.  It was a pretty large game, but I was impressed how easily the Dystopian Wars rules worked with four players.  I definitely want to play more large multiplayer games in the future!  The Russian-French alliance was very powerful, and ended up sweeping the field.  The Borodino Battleship once again took an absurd amount of punishment without going under the waves, shielding the longer-ranged French vessels behind its ablatively armored hull.  The Tambov class gunships really proved themselves in this game, rolling 26 hits against the Japanese battleship in a single round of shooting.  We called it after three full turns.  The game ended with a dramatic multi-activation boarding action between a Scout Gyro and Russian frigates, ending, naturally, with a series of Russian prizes.  Again, a very fun game, but the Russian-French alliance might have been a little overpowered.  And perhaps we were also lucky!

Great fun, and I look forward to the next time!


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