Victoria Lamb’s Highland Guard: Kilted Imperial Guardsmen Model Review (Picture Heavy)

A Review


I have long been interested in Scottish soldiers (see my undergraduate thesis here), and it was not long after I started collecting Imperial Guard in the 5th grade that I wanted to have Imperial Guardsmen in kilts.  So it was only a few days after I found out about Victoria Lamb’s sculpts for sale that I ordered a set of complete “Highland Guard” models.  They arrived from Australia in short order (or, at least, shorter than I expected) and I eventually got around to putting them together (today).

The models came in different pieces (heads, torsos, arms with guns, kilted legs, bases, and a few special pieces) arranged in different plastic ziplock bags.  I found no damage from shipping and the flash was cleaned away easily enough.  Alongside the Highland Guard set I had also ordered some Balmoral Cap heads – and also received some Bald Heads and extra bases!  I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I appreciated the variety.

In terms of construction, the most difficult aspect was the connection between the torso and legs.  Now, I am not the most proficient hobbyist, and my sculpting experience is essentially limited to what I did today: putting some greenstuff between legs and torso to create a solid join and fill in the gaps.  This worked pretty well for some….but was more noticeable than desired on others.  The arms also were not the easiest to put on, coming as a single part with a gap to fit the torso in: despite the superglue pains I gained from this, I actually really liked the system of the two arms as a single sculpted piece.  When constructing the Highland Guard I tried to keep an eye out for positives and negatives to include in this review, but ultimately the only “negatives” I came up with were my own failings as a hobbyist, and not a problem with the sculpts.  Here are the full constructed models:

VicLambKiltGuardsman01 VicLambKiltGuardsman08 VicLambKiltGuardsman07 VicLambKiltGuardsman16 VicLambKiltGuardsman15 VicLambKiltGuardsman14 VicLambKiltGuardsman06 VicLambKiltGuardsman05 VicLambKiltGuardsman04 VicLambKiltGuardsman03 VicLambKiltGuardsman02 VicLambKiltGuardsman09 VicLambKiltGuardsman13 VicLambKiltGuardsman12 VicLambKiltGuardsman11 VicLambKiltGuardsman10


Although my original plan was to exclusively use the Balmoral Cap heads, I ended up liking the detail on the other options so much I included two respirator heads and one bald head.  I am especially impressed with the faces.  The backpacks added a lot of welcome bulk to the model, and the included patches were GREAT for covering up mistakes… As a bagpiper myself, I also really enjoyed putting together and having a bagpiper on the tabletop.

So ultimately, I really enjoyed these models.  Metal is not my favorite material, and superglue is far from my favorite tool, and my “sculpting” is pretty amateur but I love the kilts!  The boots under those kilts are also great, and I have to say I am quite partial to the grenade launcher.  I expect to get more!  But first I’ll have to paint these up…

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