WFB Estalian Army Idea

Inspired by the recent image on Bell of Lost Souls here, I have been thinking about Estalia.

The Monstrous Arcanum book begins with a very cool story of a Tilean city-state, Vedenza, under siege.  The description of the original attackers from Larhgoz, an Estalian principality, got my mind working…

The Estalians brought with them their chivalry, the retainers of Larhgoz and free-lances beguiled by promise of fame and vengeance – a thousand steel-clad knights in heavy plate, bright of armor and dark of heart.  With them mixed Tercio regiments of glaive- and crossbow-armed veterans, and with them all manner of bandit rabble, spurred on by the hunger in their bellies.

I think this could easily be represented by an Empire force: Knightly Orders, halberdiers and crossbowmen.

…long had the King of Larhgoz, Vidar, seventh of his name, had the reputation of a butcher and consorter with fell powers, for with him rode the Mortiara – that forbidden sect of Morr, outcast from their church for their nightmarish heresy – the Strega of the Bone Hills, curses burning on their lips, and bloody packs of Skin Wolves, loping, savage were-creatures as tall as an ogre…

King Vidar could be an Empire General, while the Strega seem to me to be twisted wizards using Amber magic.  As for the Mortiara, I am not sure – what do you think?

(Note: all quotes taken from Monstrous Arcanum by Alan Bligh/Forgeworld; page 7.)

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