Building Plastic Grave Guard

Recently I purchased a box of the plastic Vampire Counts Grave Guard.  I built the ten with full command and great weapons.  I like the models quite well, but I wanted to write a small post here about difficulties I had putting them together.  So in a way this is a “review” of the plastic Grave Guard, but really I intend it as a “heads up” to others.

I had two noteworthy issues with the models, and one minor one.

First, I had problems with the wrist-hand connections for every model armed with a great weapon.  If equipping the grave guard with two-handed great weapons, there is one arm with the weapon, and a detached hand gripping the upper haft of the weapon; the other arm ends at the wrist.  I had a lot of trouble getting reasonable poses with the great weapons while also creating a realistic or believable wrist bond.  (Example of a believable wrist bond: the end of the arm connects to the wrist of the hand.  Example of an unbelievable wrist bond: the end of the arm connects to the palm of the hand and the great weapon’s haft.)  This problem was related to the second.

The second problem I had was with ranking.  As with the skeleton warriors before them, my grave guard do not rank up very well at all, their two-handed axes and short glaives touching the models in front of them.  This occurred in part because of the wrist-connection issue (see above), and it happened despite of my efforts to model them with ranking in mind.

Now, I am no master-modeler, and I believe someone with more experience and dedication could work through these issues.  But if or when I get another box of grave guard I will be taking special care with both of these issues.

Finally, the minor issue with the plastic Grave Guard is the weakness of their spine-joint, which connects the multi-part, fairly heavy torso/arms/head/weapon with the single-piece, glued-to-the-base legs.  This join is fairly small, but a lot of the model’s weight and pose depends on it.

So, those complaints now vented, I think the pauldrons and two-handed axes make this set worth it by themselves.  Just take your time putting them together, and be precise with the ranking!

3 responses to “Building Plastic Grave Guard

  1. Ahhhh how I feel you pain, I had the exact same problems and I put 20 of them together. Patience is definitely the key with these guys haha, I totally agree with the weakness of spine joint, was a real pain at times. I ended up in the end gluing the chest and legs together and left them overnight, made it a lot easier to work with.

    I found the trick to get the ranks right is to put them in the movement trays as you build them so I could line up all the axes so they weren’t in the way of other models. This way I don’t have any issues if they fall out of order. Still a real pain though xD

    I’ve got a warhammer blog too if you want to check it out:

    Please like, follow or post comments ;)

    Good to see a fellow VC blogger out there =D

    • Thanks for the advice! I like your blog so far – I went ahead and linked to it from this one here. I am making progress on my Grave Guard so I hope to have some pictures to post soon!

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