Finished Skeleton Warriors Regiment

The Wight army continues!  Last night I finished the first ten skeleton warriors, and with some sun this morning I tried to take decent photos.  They are not so great, but hopefully you can still see the models clearly.  This unit marks a lot of firsts for me:

• First use of new paints

• First use of Citadel spray paint

• First use of static grass

• First use of Citadel glues

• First Vampire Counts unit

The biggest problem with this unit is that I did not pay enough attention when building them, and they do not rank up very well.  I am hoping with another 10 or so Skeletons added to the unit I can assuage this effect a bit.  And a movement tray…

I used a lot of washing and drybrushing, and I think these models reward those techniques.  I am thinking about buying another set before too long.  Next painting project: Wight Standard Bearer.

2 responses to “Finished Skeleton Warriors Regiment

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  2. Impressive Work! I have been looking for some inspiration for my Red Duke themed brets, and this blog of your looks promising! Keep it up!

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