Four Finished Wights

Except for a hard coat finish, these four models are done: the Wight King, skeleton warriors champion and two basic skeletons.

The method I used to paint the skeleton bone was very easy but also very effective.  The models were spray-undercoated with Chaos Black; then a base of Rakarth Flesh was applied.  Over this I washed Agrax Earthshade, which I find to be an all-purpose wash.  Otherwise the skeletons are painted to match the Wight King – Macragge Blue armor washed with watered down Sybarite Green; Averland Sunset cloth glazed with Bloodletter, etc.  I am pleased with the result, and also the speed I was able to complete these new models.  I also very much liked the textured paint – Lustrian Undergrowth – for the bases.  Nevermore gluing and then painting over loose sand!

3 responses to “Four Finished Wights

  1. They look great. Question: Do you put a wash over the blue and red parts of the models? It might just be the photos, but they seem to just be the base colour with a dry brush/over brush on top. The result when not using a wash is that the colour looks flat and doesnt have as much depth.

    A tip or two I found works to fix any occurrence of blur in the photos:
    1. Keep the camera steady – you seem to have this under control
    2. Put a peice of white or black paper/cardboard behind the models – what this does is help the camera auto focus at the model distance.

    Keep the photos coming, I love to see people’s hobby progress! :)

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I will see what I can do to set up a better setting for pictures. I am in the process of obtaining a working desk lamp, so that should help a lot by itself!

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