Finished Exterminator

So, after a long hiatus of any work done on my Imperial Guard army, I finished painting a Leman Russ Exterminator.  And not just any Exterminator, but the very one planned to be used in the Self-Build contest as my model’s vehicle equivalent.  The color scheme, thus, was designed to match my Self-Build model rather than the Volyak Rifles color scheme.

In the images above, I tried to capture the vehicle from several angles, and included a rather washed out image with flash to show the not-entirely even coating of Shadow Gray over the black undercoat.  This not-so-regular mottled/sponged pattern gives the model some depth, which I eventually acquiesced in and decided not to try to cover up with lots of even coats.  The pictures are not the best – it’s a dark, gloomy, rainy day here – but I hope you can get the idea of the model.  I also included a few of this vehicle with my Self-Build.

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