Gaunt’s Ghosts Reading List

As a fan of Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghosts series, I am freshly up to date on the Sabbat Worlds anthology.  Reading the short stories made me desire a chronological listing of all the Sabbat Crusade materials, but I did not find one online.  So I made one, which is accurate so far as I could remember and glean from brief refreshers of some of the books.  I think it can not be completely accurate without re-reading everything (which I plan to do sometime soon).  If you take issue with any of the orderings given below, please comment and we can fix it.   It is also important to note that I do not have the extraordinarily underprinted Sabbat Worlds Crusade background book, which might prove very helpful for this list.

Gaunt’s Ghosts Reading List

compiled by Ian Cross, 12.18.11

The campaign begins in 755.M41.

Full, Chronological Campaign Reading Order:


First and Only

“Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities”



“A Good Man”

“The Headstone and Hammerstone Kings”




Honor Guard

The Guns of Tanith

Straight Silver

Sabbat Martyr

Double Eagle

“Apostle’s Creed”

Interceptor City


Traitor General

His Last Command

The Armor of Contempt

Only in Death

“The Iron Star”

Blood Pact

Salvation’s Reach

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